CEO Jonas Rinde: Why our competitors are like the Model T Ford and Huddly are like Tesla

April 9, 2019
Jonas Rinde, CEO

“None of our competitors are doing what we do. We are two years ahead of them. You could say that they are like a Ford Model T, while we are a Tesla.”

Jonas Rinde in Dagens Næringsliv

In May 2018, a reviewer criticized the braking performance of Tesla’s Model 3. In a matter of days, Tesla released a software update that reduced the braking distance by 19 feet or 5.7 meters.

Yesterday, Huddly released a groundbreaking software update to one of the automated user experiences on the AI-powered Huddly IQ. The new smooth Genius Framing helps deliver a natural video meeting experience. It detects the people in its field of view, smoothly zooms in on them, and frames them perfectly. As you can see below, there are no hard cuts between frames and transitions are perfectly fluid. You can find a meeting room demo of the feature here.

Genius Framing works independently of platform as all compute happens in the camera. This is an extraordinary feature delivered on the edge and it once again puts Huddly at the forefront of innovation in the industry. After being the first to deliver three streams from a single lens with Huddly GO, and Huddly IQ being the first video conferencing camera to feature the Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU, this is yet another world-first from Huddly.

More importantly, there are no delays in getting this innovation out to our users all over the world. All Huddly IQ cameras are ready to be updated by their owners with the click of a button.

Huddly is about more than just making great cameras, we are about revolutionizing the meeting room experience as you know it.

Just like Tesla cars, Huddly cameras get better over time with powerful over-the-air updates such as this one. Just like Tesla, this puts us miles ahead of the competition. And just like Tesla, our vision goes far beyond how we can improve our products.

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this, it’s that Huddly is about more than just making great cameras, we are about revolutionizing the meeting room experience as you know it.

The future is about freedom

Cars get you from A to B – they move you forward. Ideally, meetings do the same; they advance you and your company. One of the main reasons Tesla have had so much success in recent years is because they have automated a lot of the manual processes that we associate with driving to make the experience safer and more convenient. They use cameras and vision processing tools built on a deep neural network to deliver these automated features, as do Huddly.

Tesla’s grand vision is to make the driving experience fully self-driving. Similarly, our vision is to take away the hassle of today’s complex meeting room experience, making it fully autonomous. Information is the currency of the future, and we want to create a world where analog workflows transform into digital workflows, where people can communicate freely, and content can be shared quickly without any of the annoyances common to current meeting room technology.

The obvious benefit of both Huddly’s and Tesla’s visions is to remove obstacles for the user, but I believe it goes beyond that. Time is a finite resource, and automation lets you choose where you pay your attention. In a self-driving car, you could spend it talking to your fellow passengers, video call your family, work, read, play – you have the freedom to choose. In the meeting space, you’re free to collaborate and be more productive than ever before. And that is the future we see for our users.

Miles ahead of the competition

We are better equipped than anyone to make this vision a reality. Most of our engineers are software developers, an unusual thing for a hardware manufacturer and our cameras are software-defined. Our competitors have to release new hardware if they want to achieve a meaningful update to their product. At Huddly, on the other hand, we operate with the speed and agility of a software company, giving us a much shorter product development cycle. It’s one of the main reasons our major strategic partners like Google, Crestron, and NEC are choosing to build their new product portfolios around our cameras.

It’s here that there are further parallels with the impact Tesla Motors have had on the auto industry. Other vehicle manufacturers aren’t able to respond to customer needs without building new product lines. This not only gives Tesla Motors a huge competitive advantage but also offers Tesla owners a more valuable experience.

There are other parallels. Just like Tesla, Huddly are at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Our latest camera, Huddly IQ, features an onboard neural engine for advanced AI processing which, unlike any competitor product in the market, can perform this processing on the device itself, as opposed to on an attached PC, NUC or in the cloud. Beyond allowing us to deliver AI features with a superior user experience, this offers many advantages to users, including better data security, lower latency, higher accuracy and a more sophisticated understanding of the meeting room environment than competitor products.

Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU

Huddly’s competitive advantage lies in the combination of our hardware platform and software engineering focus combined with the team’s talent, skill, and hard work. And despite our pole position and the cutting-edge features we are delivering today, these are only the first steps in a journey toward our vision, the autonomous meeting room experience. Based on what I see cooking in our R&D labs, I can promise you that Huddly users have a lot to look forward to.

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