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October 31, 2017

We are very proud to announce that the Huddly GO camera is part of Google’s new Hangouts Meet hardware kit, a curated set of four components that work together end-to-end to make engaging HD meetings affordable—and headache-free—for any size meeting room. It includes a Chromebox, a touch controller, a speakermic and the Huddly GO camera, retailing at $1,999.

Huddly GO was selected to be part of the bundle for a number of reasons, not least of which its 120˚ horizontal ultra-wide angle lens that captures an enormous field-of-view and its small form factor which affords great flexibility for the camera to be used in many different scenarios.

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Huddly GO is a world-first

Huddly GO uniquely provides multiple streams to the video conferencing application that enables a simultaneous full field-of-view stream and a narrower region of interest stream.

These streams provide enormous opportunities for engineers and developers to create new intelligent features to enhance the experience for Hangouts Meet users.

The first such feature is an intelligent auto-zoom. The Chromebox combines Google’s machine learning with the Huddly GO camera’s API to detect the participants in a room and frame them perfectly in every picture.

Previously, users had to adapt to the camera, either moving it to focus where they wanted or moving themselves to fit in the frame. Together with Hangouts Meet, Huddly GO adapts to you. 

And it only gets better…

 The Huddly GO camera’s API allows for the creation of more new features in the future in addition to GO’s existing intelligent features like dynamic light optimization, real-time dewarp and visual noise filtering.

The combination of wide angle lens, small form factor, intelligence and upgradability makes Huddly GO the perfect choice for the Hangouts Meet hardware kit.

“We are thrilled to be working with Google to bring groundbreaking new experiences to their users. Our vision has always been to elevate communication by solving critical problems for the user. That starts with a small form factor camera with a wide angle that gives the user more flexibility to work the way they want but there’s also such great potential moving forward with the software platform. We can’t wait to see how people react to GO – it’s bringing something new to the Hangouts Meet experience from the first day the user plugs it in, but this is just the beginning of their journey with Huddly and with the GO camera,” says Casey King, Huddly CTO.

The future is bright 

“Google’s vision is to bring together the best of hardware, software and AI to provide radically new experiences for their users and that is exactly what we are doing at Huddly. Our focus in designing our products has always been about combining simplicity, power and intelligence to empower natural, seamless communication and I think we share that with Google too – it’s certainly central to the Hangouts Meet experience. We are proud to work with all our partners and Google is no exception. They have been a real pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing our relationship go from strength to strength in the future.” 

Jonas Rinde, Huddly CEO

About Huddly 

Huddly is a Vision Technology company founded in Oslo, Norway in 2013. We combine software and hardware to build innovative products for everyone who uses video to collaborate. We build things that see.

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