Huddly adds to Google Cloud portfolio with Huddly IQ kit for Jamboard

February 6, 2020

Huddly IQ is now available as an official video collaboration accessory for the Jamboard! As previously announced, we have joined forces again with Google Cloud to bring Huddly’s wide-angle video and crystal clear audio to the Jamboard collaboration experience.

The Huddly IQ kit for Jamboard builds on the power of Jamboard and Hangouts Meet to transform the Google Cloud digital whiteboard into a wide-angle audio and video endpoint. 

Both Huddly and Google Cloud are committed to creating technology that empowers teams in the workplace. Jamboard and Meet are part of the G Suite family of tools designed to help teams work faster, smarter and more collaboratively. Like Google Cloud, Huddly is dedicated to making tools that combine hardware, software and AI to empower collaboration in the workplace. This common commitment is just one of the reasons why our partnership has been going strong for more than two years. The Huddly IQ kit for Jamboard is a perfect match and a great addition to our shared portfolio with Google Cloud.

Transform your Jamboard into a wide-angle audio and video endpoint

Consisting of an award-winning Huddly IQ camera along with a mounting bracket and cable custom-made for the Jamboard, the kit allows you to use your Jamboard to host a high-quality, wide-angle video meeting and have a creative collaboration session at once. It is designed to foster meaningful interaction and productive collaboration for teams that work together across different locations.

Everyone heard, everyone seen

Huddly IQ’s 150° ultra-wide-angle lens captures everyone in the room in full HD, including those who are huddled around the Jamboard. The embedded 5-element microphone array picks up everybody’s voice and delivers crystal-clear audio. With everyone seen and heard, remote teams can be more productive and creative than ever before.

Huddly ultra-wide-angle conference cameras

Perfect for multiple scenarios

The Huddly IQ kit for Jamboard is perfect for collaboration in huddle rooms, small and medium-sized meeting rooms and open spaces. Jamboard is easy to move around the office with its portable stand and single-cable setup. It instantly transforms any room into a modern collaboration space where teams can create, collaborate and bring their ideas to life.

To purchase the Huddly IQ kit together with Jamboard, please contact your favorite Google Cloud reseller. It is also available separately wherever Huddly products are sold.  Contact Huddly Sales if you have any questions.

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