Say hello to Huddly Canvas: our latest AI technology for content capture and enhancement

June 14, 2019

At Huddly, we build tools that help teams collaborate. This year at InfoComm, we are introducing Huddly Canvas, a new technology that makes it easy to use analog whiteboards in a digital world. Canvas leverages Huddly’s powerful AI camera platform to enhance and capture content on whiteboards. We look forward to harnessing the power of Canvas to create innovative automated experiences for our users.

At InfoComm 2019, we are showcasing some of Huddly Canvas’ capabilities with a fun interactive game and with a practical demo of how an analog whiteboard can be brought into a digital meeting. You can see them in action now at booth #4087, as demonstrated below by Mats Gabriel Love Johansen, Product Design Lead at Huddly.

Analog meets digital

Canvas has caused quite the buzz at InfoComm, with hundreds of attendees enjoying the game and demo, but what people are finding most fascinating is the coming together of cutting-edge AI camera technology with a far more simple and familiar tool – the whiteboard. When the analog world meets the digital, assisted by AI, it captures people’s imagination.

Although interactive displays and digital whiteboards are booming (and we are delighted to support our partners with many models like the Google Jamboard, the NEC InfinityBoard, and the Avocor F10 series), the humble whiteboard has been around so long that it is literally part of the furniture at offices around the world. And that market continues to grow, with the global traditional whiteboard market valued at $2.45bn USD in 2016 and projected to be $3bn by 2023. Whiteboards are here to stay.

Supporting the way you work

At Huddly, we don’t want to make you work differently – we want to support and enhance the way you work already. That’s a central part of our user experience-driven design philosophy. Ideating and collaborating on a traditional whiteboard is second nature to people and teams and has been for decades. It’s an incredibly useful tool, but only as long as you are all in the same room. With distributed teams and video conferencing on the rise and more information stored in the cloud, the workplace is changing and so is the way in which we collaborate.

Co-authoring across locations using a traditional whiteboard is impossible and when it comes to content sharing, there is a lot of friction. More often than not, you take a picture on your phone, save it, then negotiate the maze of different devices, platforms, apps and integrations to make sure that content can provide some meaningful value to your collaboration workflow.

As a result, the whiteboard is far less helpful than it could be. One of the things we are using Canvas to develop is a way to help make whiteboards a more valuable tool for your team than ever before. And we want to make it easy for teams to bring that analog content into the digital space, no matter what platform your organization chooses to use.

The future for Canvas

Huddly users can expect to see automated user experiences that leverage this technology. Like with all our AI technology, Canvas is under constant development by our development team, so it will become more powerful over time.

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