The Board appoints Jonas Rinde as the new CEO of Huddly Inc.

June 6, 2017

The Board of Directors of Huddly Inc. has promoted the product design and collaboration industry expert Jonas Rinde (well known in the industry as the co-founder of Spark Board) to the position of the company’s CEO.

Jonas Rinde Huddly CEO

Jonas will continue building onto the world class team that makes Huddly Inc. a full-fledged product company ready to break down the traditional video barriers through taking away the daily pains of the unintuitive video collaboration solutions and instead bringing the fun back to meetings.

Jonas Rinde Huddly CEO

“I am motivated and ready to bring Huddly GO to end users,” says Jonas Rinde. “What we do reminds me of teleportation: webridge the physical world and the digital space, so people on both ends feel like they are really ‘there’ together. The main barrier for video collaboration today is that people find it unnatural. What we are building is the tool for natural, human communication.”

Jonas Rinde will take over from Thomas C. Holst who moves into the new role of Executive Director as part of the Huddly Inc Board of Directors. He will focus on continuing to build the network of strategic relationships for Huddly Inc.

Throughout the past 28 months, Thomas has been the restless, energetic and passionate entrepreneur,” says Jonas Rinde of former CEO Thomas C. Holst. “Thomas easily connects with people, and he has proven excellent in connecting the right people at the right time with the right message. These qualities, along with his diverse background in entrepreneurship, Finance and Management Consulting have helped to build the great team we are today and the solid strategic networks in our ecosystem. Thomas has brought in some of the best investors, advisors and strategic partners we could have ever wished for.

“I’m going to build on what he has done and on what Anders Eikenes and Stein Ove Eriksen [the founders of Huddly Inc.] have done. I will focus on scaling the company with the determination to make this world a better place for humans who want to meet and work together regardless of distance and location.”

Jonas Rinde Huddly CEO

Jonas Rinde has more than 16 years of experience in product design, engineering management, R&D and project management at both startups and large multinational enterprises. Before joining Huddly Inc., Jonas worked as the Engineering Director of Cisco. He also was the co-founder of Spark Board. Earlier in his career, he worked as VP Product at Acano.

“Jonas’ passion for product development started with his interest in how things worked, how they could be improved and how one could create something better,” says Thomas C. Holst. “Jonas used these findings both to create innovative products and improve existing ones in many different companies including, amongst others, Acano, Electric White, Cisco, Tandberg, Volvo and Ericsson. Jonas has played a key role behind the scenes in the success of products these companies have delivered in the unified communication and collaboration business,” says Thomas C. Holst. “Now Jonas is bringing all that experience to his new role at Huddly.”

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