Graphic Designer (Junior and Senior)

Oslo, Norway

We have come a long way since we launched our first product in 2017.  Today, the Huddly brand offers an ever-expanding portfolio of cameras that enable better team communication over video and bridge the distance between physical spaces. In the past year, the growth of the company has accelerated. To help us match this momentum, we are looking for ambitious individuals to join the Product Marketing team.

At Huddly, Product Marketing is part of the Design team. Located at the cross-section of design, engineering, and sales, our goal is to tell the story of the Huddly brand, products, and experiences to the world. To achieve this, we want to create content that explains what we do and inspires our audience: from great photos, videos, and visual materials, to interactive experiences on the web. We want our marketing stories and experiences to integrate seamlessly with those of our products.

As Graphic Designer at Huddly, you will create exceptional visual materials across digital and physical surfaces. You will play a key role in aligning the Huddly brand across our work and continuously evolving it. The content you create will be distributed globally and play a vital role in representing the company and our products. They include our website, digital and print marketing materials, static and dynamic social media content, photos, videos, and more. Design is highly valued at Huddly, and you will work closely with the rest of the team here to create engaging and easy-to-understand content.


This job might be for you if:

  • You are passionate about typography, layout composition, and graphic design craft
  • You have experience with design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign; and mockup tools such as Sketch/Figma/XD/equivalent
  • You have experience working on brand identity and aligning it across many types of marketing materials: from social media content and websites pages to printed brochures and packaging
  • You are someone who loves solving creative tasks and thrive in an environment with significant room for autonomy, self-development, and creativity, as well as team collaboration
  • You are either a new graduate with relevant education or have 4+ years of experience (we are interviewing both junior and senior candidates)

It’s even better if:

  • You are interested in related fields, such as animation and motion design, art direction, photography, or video
  • You have a good understanding of user interface, interaction, and UX design

Workplace and culture:

  • A flexible environment where there is plenty of freedom for you to tailor your own work situation.
  • An international and vibrant workplace. We appreciate skill, knowledge, and humor and encourage you to pursue your personal development.
  • A team composed of world-class hardware engineers, software developers, industrial designers, and machine learning experts working together on cutting-edge technology.
  • A culture of innovation. For example, two or three times a year, the R&D team is given the freedom to spend a week prototyping a pet project.
  • A healthy work/life balance (not required, but strongly encouraged)
  • Flexible work hours and a flexible work-from-home scheme
  • An inclusive and diverse company. We welcome people from all walks of life. Our diversity is our strength, and our varied backgrounds and experiences give us a broader perspective. They are an essential part of being able to create great new products and experiences.

How to apply:

Please send your CV and portfolio to

About Huddly:

Huddly is a technology company that creates tools for team collaboration. Based in Oslo, Norway, we combine expertise across the fields of design, hardware, software, and artificial intelligence. The company’s smart cameras are designed to make it easier and better for people to communicate with each other. Huddly’s solutions with industry-leading partners enable high-quality video experiences on all major collaboration platforms.
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