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The Huddly Story

Huddly is a Vision Technology Developer founded in Oslo, Norway in 2013. We combine software and hardware to build innovative products for teams that use video to collaborate.
Jonas Rinde

“Huddly was founded on a few core beliefs"

“We saw that the world was becoming more interconnected and we wanted to elevate communication in that new world - to empower people to do more with the time they spent collaborating together online with video."

 “We believed the best way to do that was to create compelling and intelligent vision products that would be simple, and even delightful, to use and enable people to do things together that they had never thought possible."

“We wanted to make those products easily accessible to, and affordable for, everyone. This has been Huddly's mission since we first founded the company. Now, we are excited to introduce the world to Huddly GO, our first product and a truly first-of-its-kind collaboration camera."

We build things that see"

A Diverse, Global Team with a Scandinavian Ethos


We are proud to design and build our products here in Norway. From the very beginning we looked to hire people who were experts in their field but also shared our values and principles. 


We like to say that there is more to Huddly products than first meets the eye and the same goes for our team. We have professional musicians and athletes; multi-linguists, authors, longboard enthusiasts and even a bee-keeper...


For Huddly, diversity is a strength and our different backgrounds and experiences give us a broader perspective and help us make our products that little bit different.

Board of Directors

Graham Williams

Per Haug Kogstad
Board of Directors

Torkjell Nilsen
Board of Directors

Thomas C. Holst
Executive Director

Stein Ove Eriksen
Co-Founder & CPO

Anders Eikenes
Co-Founder & Technical Advisor

World-class Advisors

Anders Brandt
Consumer Tech Advisor

Jon Yngve Hardeberg
R&D Advisor

Trond Riiber Knudsen
Strategic Advisor

Silvija Seres
Business Advisor

Masayuki Tanaka
Scientific Advisor

Want to be part of the Huddly journey?


We are always looking to work with smart, talented people who want to help make great products. We look forward to hearing from you.



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Our vision is to elevate communication with compelling and intelligent vision products for everybody.

We build things that see.