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This is
Huddly GO.


Design matters.
Scandinavians know.

We went the extra mile to make GO simple, functional and beautiful.

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“To make a ‘human’ product, you need to remove distractions. You need to create sort of a little person that you can relate to and be able to trust that it will do what it's supposed to.”

Stein Ove Eriksen, Chief Product Officer


Hardware is hard.
So we built our own.

Under the hood, things get a lot more complex. This little beauty packs some serious processing power.

“It's the result of experts in many different fields collaborating and pushing the envelope of what a camera can be.”

Knut Teppan, CDO


Software is important.
So we keep improving it.

We are constantly working on new intelligent software features to enhance your experience. When a new update is released, you can upgrade your GO with a single click.

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“What separates us from the rest of the world is the ability to upgrade GO over time with some insanely great features. The camera we ship today is not the camera that we ship tomorrow”

Casey King, Chief Technology Officer

Endless possibilities.

Huddly GO uniquely provides multiple video streams to the back-end. With our Huddly Vision API, the possibilities to develop new intelligent features are endless.

Built for big ideas.

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