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appear.in is a video collaboration platform that lets you have video conversations effortlessly with up to 12 people simultaneously. You can create and personalize your own video rooms with no registration required. You can even share your screen to show presentations, photos or spreadsheets and appear.in works seamlessly on any device.

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We spoke to Meri Sørgaard, Product Marketing Manager at appear.in about how Huddly GO is helping their customers: 


“The first impression I had of Huddly Go was that it was sleek and beautiful. It was so easy to set up too. When people use appear.in to collaborate on video, that simplicity is absolutely crucial. When they use Huddly GO as the camera, all they need to do is to plug it in using the USB-cord that comes with it. It couldn’t be simpler.”


“Now I come across way more professional when using a proper wide angle camera for my appear.in meetings. With Huddly GO it’s like I’m inviting people into ‘my office’.” 


 “I used to think that video meetings were in themselves a bit weird, even though I had previous experience with them, but it has quickly become a reality for me in everyday life. In the beginning I felt that adding more tools and products to the whole situation was a bit stressful but after a while I realised it was a lot more comfortable. Huddly GO's wide angle adds a more natural feeling." 



“When you don’t have the laptop that close, you don’t feel like you have your ‘nose in the screen’. It adds professionality to remote work and that lifestyle.”


“I think at appear.in and at Huddly, we are doing the same thing - creating products and solutions for the next generation of workers. They won’t be permanently located anywhere and I think they will see work as something fun, as something that will fulfill their lives. Tools like ours will help them have the flexibility to do that and the quality to do it in a professional way."


“My total verdict is that Huddly GO is maybe the best product of its kind on the market. If I had a dice it would get 6/6!"

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