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Based in Oslo, Norway, Leteng is an audio/visual equipment supplier. The company was launched 30 years ago as a cable manufacturer but has since developed into an importer and distributor of components within the AV industry. Now they've started creating more integrated solutions for the modern workplace, with Huddly GO as a central component.

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Øyvind Jacobsen is Product and Marketing Manager at Leteng: “My job is to take care of the portfolio of products that we have and do make people aware of the quality and range of what we are selling.  


Teams waste so much time setting up meetings that they lose engagement before they even start. That’s the problem Huddly GO is helping to fix."


A few years ago we went to a trade show and saw some very nice Audio/Visual conference furniture from a company in the USA and we decided we would like to see if we could make something customised for the Norwegian market that would take us from being a bits and pieces provider to being something more."


We got together with all the resellers around Norway and invited some of our big customers to share their views on meeting rooms and what issues were most important to them. We found there was a huge interest in having a single table that functioned as a complete meeting room with an easy-to-use interface and simple installation."


Solving the Customer's Biggest Problems 



One of the daily issues for our customers is the time it takes to start meetings. Typically, it takes 10 to 15 minutes for a meeting to start due to problems with connections, formats and fussy interfaces. If you have a company with maybe 300 employees and 15 to 20 meetings every day with 3 or 4 people, just imagine the cost of losing all that time. We discovered that this is what's most important to them - the loss of engagement and inspiration before the meeting starts. Huddly GO solves that."


The first time we saw it, we just put it on the table and it worked perfectly - right out of the box."


We wanted to design an ideal, integrated solution and one of the biggest challenges was the camera. We wanted it to be very high quality, small-form and intelligent and, with the users sitting pretty close to the screen, we also wanted a camera with a wide angle lens. We also wanted it to be good value for money - quite a lot to ask for!"


Then we found Huddly GO. We just put it on the table and it worked perfectly right out of the box. Another perfect thing about it is we are manufacturing a Norwegian table here in the south part of Norway, so we love that it’s Norwegian too and so do our customers."


Flexibility, Simplicity and Great Design


In many cases, our customers can’t install anything on their walls. If they’re in a modern building, they maybe have only glass around their meeting room so they need a solution where you put the table right in the middle of the room and you’re up and running. With Huddly GO, if a customer wants to move their company to another facility they can simply take their wholemeeting room with them and install it in less than an hour."


It’s compact but it also kind of stands out. There’s something really nice, really modern about it and it’s so simple to use, even though it’s still a high tech product."


On the technical side, Huddly GO met our challenge because of the ultra-wide angle of the camera and the very good picture quality. The design format  is great and we love that it’s Norwegian!"

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