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SANDS is one of the leading law firms in Norway, specialising in commercial law with expertise across many fields; from international tax to construction law to mergers and acquisitions. With more than 200 employees, scores of specialists spread over 7 locations and demanding clients all over the world, high quality video collaboration is crucial to their success.  Now SANDS are using Huddly both in their office meeting rooms and in the field, with better results than ever before.

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SANDS Partner Gisle Edvard Årnes is in charge of all technology procurement and says finding video solutions that satisfy many competing priorities has been a huge challenge:


“We have very demanding clients who need to be connected with particular experts with just a few minutes notice, both in the office and in the field. Previously we did most of this work on the telephone - high quality video conferencing was expensive and not everyone had access to this kind of equipment. Now that we are using Huddly GO for most external meetings, it’s so much better.


“The first time we saw Huddly GO, we just fell in love with it. I’ve never seen a camera that size be that good” 


Immediate Access to Specialist Advice Is Crucial


"In construction law, for example, sometimes our specialists are on a building site and need to improvise meeting rooms with short notice. Previous cameras we have used were inferior quality but with Huddly and a microphone, you have close to a high quality conference installation that takes less than a minute to set up.


"Clients were asking if we were in a real meeting room when we were on top of a building, it was amazing"


"Other colleagues in different departments said the same thing. Pretty soon, everyone was saying that getting more Huddly cameras for our meeting rooms in the new office was just a no-brainer.


Choosing Huddly GO for the New Offices


“Earlier this year we moved into new offices and in our first planning meeting we decided we needed 20 meeting rooms. The first call I made afterwards was to Huddly. I had 3 mantras when designing the new rooms: Quality, simplicity and an identical set up for every room. Huddly fit the bill perfectly and even for my less technically savvy colleagues it is easy so that says a lot! In our Oslo office we have 15 huddly rooms and 4 big, expensive installations but most of my colleagues prefer the Huddly rooms because there are no panels to set up - you have one cable, you plug it in and it starts. In the old meeting rooms it used to take up to 20 minutes to set up a call with our other equipment. Now it's one minute and the delay is actually how long it takes the screen to turn on.


“Wherever I go, having a Huddly GO with me in my bag just as important as my computer -  I'm addicted I guess.”


“What I like most is the quality of the image, the wide angle capacity and that I can adjust the angle depending on how many people are in the room. With Huddly GO on my PC, we can fit 10 people in the room without dedicated equipment but still with the same experience as being in a big room."

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