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Sean is an American investor and entrepreneur from California. He has invested in over 120 startups and founded several of his own. Previously, Sean was a Partner at 500 Startups, a venture fund and globally acclaimed accelerator program. He is also formerly the Founder and CEO of Wittlebee, the kids clothing club and Vice President, Online Marketing of Myspace. Amongst other ventures, he is currently working as Operating Partner at Katapult, an Impact-Tech accelerator.

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Sean uses video to collaborate with investors, partners and companies around the world on a daily basis:


“I do this work because I'm passionate about helping founders succeed. It is literally one of the hardest things in the world to build a startup - there are so many pitfalls. I have made most of those mistakes myself so together my team to help the next generation of entrepreneurs learn to build better businesses and, who knows, maybe even change the world.”


“The Huddly GO is in a sense our companion, another team member. It helps us build trust and a better connection with the people we talk to. That's so important to us and Huddly GO just nails it"


“Just this week, my team and I had to interview more than 100 applicant companies as part of Katapult, an accelerator program for startups that want to have a positive impact on the world using exponential technologies like AI, Blockchain, VR/AR and IoT . We’re usually 5 people in a room trying to communicate with founders in locations as far away as India, Africa and Latin America. It’s so important to me that they can see all of us, that everyone on our side has an opportunity to be seen as well as heard and Huddly GO is just perfect for this kind of challenge."


“With many investments I do, we’re investing millions of dollars into these companies it's the beginning of a partnership that will be 5 or 10 year journey. That's a big commitment to make so I want to make sure that from the very beginning they can see me, understand me and really drive that connection between us. Those first meetings give us the foundation  that we can build upon when we start to meet in person and start to develop our relationship further."


“With Huddly GO it's a beautiful experience, they can see the entire room and if it's me or if its my colleagues we are all there together, all in one picture, no matter where we are." 


“I don't have a permanent set up, I am in many different offices, moving between many different countries and I'm part of many teams. So the tools I use to engage and conduct business need to be flexible as well, they need to be able to adapt to my environment and get the job done at top quality. Huddly GO gives me a far better visual experience than the standard laptop camera."


“Huddly GO understands the room, it understands the lighting, it really is 'set and forget', you don't have to do anything, it adapts and makes sure the video is a high quality experience every time.”


“When I work with the team, we need something really adaptive. We may have to change room several times and we don't want an expensive, large network camera system. I have used those in the past and honestly there is a lot of friction - something doesn't go right or people don't know how to use them. We just wanted something that just works, something that's simple. Huddly GO is perfect for us”.

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