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With more than 30,000 employees, Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators, keeping customers connected in 13 markets across Scandinavia; Central and Eastern Europe; and Asia. Telenor are driven by a singular vision: to empower societies. 


Connecting the world has been Telenor’s domain for more than 160 years and that doesn't stop with their customers, it counts for their global team too. Now Huddly GO is helping make connecting that team better and easier than ever before.

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We spoke with Henrik Sigmunstad, the Manager of Multimedia in Telenor Group Event and Expo about how Huddly GO is helping make a huge, dispersed organisation feel like a tightly knit, local team. 


“Our department produces multimedia content for large events and internal video productions here in the HQ and our different business units around the world."


Our responsibility is to communicate what is going on in the world wide group but also communicate the culture and strategy of the company. Our purpose is to make a world wide company feel like a smaller unit, to bring people together and help them work more closely."


We’ve been using the Huddly GO in many different scenarios around the world with fantastic results. Huddly GO gives us professional quality video production at very low cost to all our offices worldwide."


The use of video at Telenor is growing at an exponential rate but not everyone has access to the full TV studio like we do at HQ. The equipment here is permanently based and if you want to do live streaming of an external event, bringing all that equipment along and hooking it up is a lot of work. Being able to quickly hook up a much smaller camera that comes in a little case with a very high quality image is very professional."


We mostly use Huddly GO when we want to live-stream from external locations during our events. If we have an expert giving a speech they can’t always travel, so the next best thing is for them to be "live-on-stage" via video conferencing. We’ve had great success with the high quality of Huddly GO."


Live Conferencing With Multiple Laptops


Another example would be one of our 'external hackathons' with multiple external locations and many programmers. We arranged for them all to have a Huddly GO and laptops and they were all able to live-stream and ask questions to people in the audience. They were working in teams of 4 or 5 and Huddly Go's wide angle meant they could all sit very close to a laptop and still fit in the frame easily. The image quality was great but it also improved audio because they were closer to the mic and there was less room noise."


Livestreaming Presentations in Multiple Locations


We also have the global Telenor “Ignite” intrapreneurship program where, from more than 530 ideas, we selected 8 teams for our startup incubator programme. After a 3-month bootcamp period, the 8 teams pitched in locations like Bangkok and Singapore, with every presentation live-streamed to a global jury at Telenor HQ. We had great success using the Huddly GO hooked up to laptops because the resolution is high enough that you can film the speaker and the slides at the same time with the wide angle."


The set up is so good that you have a feeling that you are in the audience watching them live."


Global Town Hall Meetings for 30,000 People


At our Global Town Hall meetings we stream to all of our 30,000 employees worldwide. We gather up to 1000 at the Telenor Arena here in Oslo to watch live on stage but we also stream out to all the other offices across Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. To live-stream from these remote locations we use simple equipment - just laptops and Huddly GO's to get a quality stream on the main stage. We get a great digital “feeling” that we are using the most cutting-edge tools to communicate within the organisation."


An On-Stage Camera for Presenters and Audiences


One of the first times we used Huddly GO was a very big important event for the global business, the handover of one CEO to the next. We used Huddly GO as a stage camera to film the audience where we needed a wide angle lens to fit them all in. It turned out to be a really good session and it worked very well."


It was a huge technical challenge; lots of professional equipment, lighting, sound, video production, graphics production and into this mess we brought live video feed from multiple different countries and we needed our A/V feed to go the other way. Huddly GO gave us the best of both worlds where we were using it to film both in big locations and smaller set ups including laptops."


Wherever we use it, you look just like you’re in the room and better quality means more natural, normal conversations." 


With Huddly GO, in a small dark room you get clarity. In big rooms, you get a great image. In smaller meeting rooms it’s a real advantage, you get a better sense of unity and better quality means more normal, natural conversations."


For every different configuration we use with Huddly GO, the results are always the same - it just works."


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