Huddly L1 camera certified for Microsoft Teams

We are happy to announce that Huddly L1 has been certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms. The certification covers large and medium room sizes.

Large meeting room showing Huddly Canvas whiteboard camera and the Huddly L1

Vegard Hammer, Chief Technology Officer at Huddly, comments: “The Microsoft Teams certification is a testament to the quality and reliability of Huddly L1 and underscores the high standard to which we hold our products. I am grateful for the incredible team here at Huddly, who can always be counted on to deliver outstanding work. Huddly L1 leverages the latest technological advances to remove communication barriers, and we are thrilled to bring this experience to Microsoft Teams Rooms."

Huddly L1 is among the next generation of smart cameras from Huddly. Through its network capabilities, the camera can communicate and connect with other devices, paving the way for a future of smart collaboration experiences. L1 can be easily deployed and managed across large organizations and enables seamless teamwork at scale.

Thanks to a one-inch image sensor and a custom lens designed for large rooms, Huddly L1 captures all meeting participants in sharp quality. Everyone is seen and can be part of the conversation. The camera’s neural engine has been trained and optimized to detect participants in large meeting spaces, enabling instant, automatic and responsive framing. The focus stays on the team, where it belongs. Compact, unobtrusive, and with no moving mechanical parts, Huddly L1 enhances the meeting without ever getting in the way.

Like all of Huddly's software-defined cameras, Huddly L1 continually evolves with new smart features and enhancements.

Learn more about Huddly L1 here.