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A brand new kind of collaboration camera


A compact, ultra-wide angle, software-based collaboration camera that improves over time with each upgrade to the Huddly Vision Software. 


This is Huddly GO.

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Huddly GO lets you see the big picture

Most tech gets old fast. Huddly GO stays new.

It's already a camera like no other. But its potential is limitless.

Regular software updates mean it never stops learning new ways to analyze what it sees and improve your collaboration experience. Features like 180º Auto-Flip,  Dynamic Light Optimization and color correction, Digital Zoom and real-time De-Warp are just the start.

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Made with care in Scandinavia

We’re proud to make our products where Huddly first started, here in Norway and, from the very beginning, we have designed our products according to the principles of the Scandinavian design philosophy.

Huddly cameras are always beautiful but understated. We take great care to make sophisticated technology easy and intuitive to use. We like to think long term and make sure our products are for everyone, so we build our products to last and still be affordable.

Works with, well... Everything

Whatever video client you prefer, Huddly GO just works.
As long as you have USB 3, you're good to go.

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Ultra Wide-Angle Lens

16 MegaPixels

Dynamic Light Optimization

Intelligent Zoom

Continuous Feature Upgrades

Desktop App

No matter where you find yourself, Huddly GO has you covered.

Get it first

Huddly GO will be released soon. Join our waiting list and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to ship.

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