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Meet up. Collaborate. Anywhere.

Your new team member

Meet Huddly GO - the intelligent camera for video collaboration that gives you the freedom to express yourself and collaborate anywhere. You deserve to focus on your team and work. We’ll provide a hassle-free, breathtaking video experience.

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With the power to open rooms:

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Huddly Image Huddly

Pocket-­sized & powerful

Huddly's compact design allows you to have exceptional video meetings wherever your job takes you. Sleek and beautifully designed, Huddly easily snaps onto any laptop or screen. Whether you’re in the office, at a café or out in the open - our ultra wide-angle lens fits everyone nicely in the frame.

More than meets the eye

Huddly GO is powered by cutting-edge software technology. It processes high-resolution video instantly, and adapts to any lighting condition.

As a result, Huddly elevates communication. The things we take for granted when meeting face-to-face - facial expressions, gestures and emotions - are no longer lost in transmission.

Your choice

Huddly is cross-platform and works with any major video-calling software. Use the tools of your trade. As long as you have a USB port, you’re good to go.

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Ultra wide-angle lens

16 megapixels

Dynamic light optimization

Smart zoom

Continuous feature upgrades

Desktop app

Collaborate instantly

Allow everyone to follow as you write, think and discuss. With a seamless connection, your team’s creativity and innovation can flow naturally. Using Huddly's Vision Software and Deep Learning algorithms, capture content in your conversation.

Get it first

Huddly GO will be released soon. Join our waiting list and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to ship.

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