Huddly L1 certified for Zoom Rooms and Intelligent Director

We are excited to announce that our Huddly L1 camera has been officially certified by the Zoom Hardware Certification Program for Zoom Rooms and intelligent director on WindowsOS. The Huddly L1 camera offers a reliable, versatile solution for single-camera and multi-camera experiences on the popular platform.

Huddly L1 on a wall mount underneath a screen

Huddly L1 has been certified for Zoom Rooms, after meeting the platform’s rigorous standards for video quality and compatibility. Users can now confidently use Huddly L1 in their Zoom Rooms for premium 6K video quality and AI-driven framing.

Additionally, Huddly L1 is certified for use as a camera for Zoom Rooms intelligent director. Intelligent director uses Zoom’s software AI to select the best view of in-room participants from multiple camera sources. Once configured, intelligent director analyzes data from multiple cameras to select and display the best camera angle of participants located in the Zoom Room.

Bo Pintea, VP Product at Huddly, comments: “As a leader in multi-camera solutions, Huddly is thrilled to support the Zoom Rooms Intelligent Director experience on Huddly L1. We share Zoom's belief in the power of utilizing multiple cameras to optimally capture all participants, thereby fostering inclusive hybrid meeting experiences. This certification is excellent news for our extensive base of Zoom Rooms clients, offering them even more choices for their preferred meeting experience.”

A state-of-the-art AI camera designed for effective meetings in medium to large spaces, the Huddly L1 utilizes a 6K sensor to deliver premium video experiences, thanks to custom hardware and software tailored to larger spaces. AI-driven framing features like Huddly Director, Gallery View, and Group Framing make hybrid meetings inclusive for all participants.

Huddly L1 is the latest addition to our range of Zoom Certified cameras for Zoom Rooms, joining the wide-angle Huddly IQ camera for premium, AI-powered video in small to medium spaces.