Product and regulatory compliance information for Huddly GO

Safety and regulatory compliance information for Huddly

  • You will find below a .pdf version of our safety and regulatory compliance information.
  • A paper version of the safety and regulatory compliance information is also included in the Huddly GO box when purchased.
  • This document describes the following for Huddly GO cameras:– Safety instructions for use and handling of the camera– Regulatory compliance information




Huddly AS is relocating two times in a short period of time. Recently, the company relocated to an interim location, and will only remain here for a relatively short period of time. Huddly AS will soon go through with the final planned relocation.

Although new certifications are currently registered on our interim address, for practical and reasonable reasons, and for all of Huddly's products, all affected institutions and certifications will be updated when we reach our next office location and physical address.

Huddly's current and interim address is:
Huddly AS
Haakon VIIs Gate 5
0161 Oslo

Last edited: May 2022