Bringing professional video to home offices

Today, we are releasing a custom kit to enable professional-looking, wide-angle video meetings from home offices.

Huddly builds tools for teams. Since our foundation in 2013, collaborating with teammates over video has been central to our products. That is why today, we are releasing a custom kit to enable professional-looking, wide-angle video meetings from home offices.

Our new Work from home kit includes a 150° wide-angle Huddly GO camera. It works on all platforms like Meet, Teams, and Zoom, and is suitable for desktop and laptop, Mac and PC. The kit is now available from Huddly resellers everywhere.

High-quality video, anywhere

Huddly CEO Stein Ove Eriksen comments: “Our cameras are designed to enable collaboration when and where it happens, from meeting rooms to home offices. With the new Huddly GO – Work from home kit, we are making high-quality video experiences more accessible than ever.

“Effective video communication has never been more important. I am working from home, you are working from home, a billion people around the world are working from home. Remote work is being normalized in a way that wasn’t thinkable before. People and companies are discovering that working from home actually is productive and that it’s not always necessary to be in the office. With the right tools, there is good in both.

“We recommend the new Work from home kit to anyone wanting a professional video set-up for their home office.”

Huddly team meeting

Perfect for home offices

Huddly GO is a compact, wide-angle collaboration camera that gives you an outstanding video experience and image quality, straight out of the box. You can easily mount it on top of your computer, transforming it into a high-quality video conference setup for one.

Look your best

Embedded cameras can often leave you looking unprofessional in bad lighting conditions and a narrow-angle lens that isn’t suitable for group conversations.

But video quality matters. Huddly GO is perfect for those times when you have to put your best foot forward. With HD wide-angle video, Huddly GO makes you look sharp and adds to your professional presentation. The embedded software corrects both color and perspective in real-time and auto-adjusts to lighting conditions.

Works on any platform

Huddly GO works on all communication platforms like Meet, Teams and Zoom. It is USB-powered and works on desktop and laptop, Mac and PC. Just plug in the camera and you’re ready to go.

Huddly GO on a laptop

To learn more, visit our website or contact Huddly Sales for purchase.