Crestron and Huddly expand partnership with smart video for large rooms

Crestron has announced the addition of Huddly L1 to the Crestron Flex camera lineup. L1 will enable smart video collaboration in medium and large rooms. It joins Huddly IQ, which has been providing smart video in small to medium spaces as part of Flex's Mini Tabletop, Tabletop, and Soundbar solutions since 2018.

Alex Peras, Director of UC & Corporate Development at Crestron, comments: “Among the many things we’ve learned as individuals continue to work remotely and return-to-office, is video conferencing and collaboration is at the center of the modern workplace. As we saw last week with Google’s real estate acquisition, the corporate office is not going away, so we have to make the experience better for everyone. Adding immediate support for Huddly cameras helps build on our mission to ensure an immersive and equitable meeting experience, regardless of where participants join from.”

“In a hybrid work environment, having the right tools is crucial to making remote collaboration a true face-to-face experience. Smart video is key to making that happen,” adds Stein Ove Eriksen, CEO and Co-Founder at Huddly. “We are excited to build on the successful partnership we’ve built with Crestron over the years and look forward to doubling down on our shared commitment to deliver effective and inclusive collaboration experiences in any space.”

Enabling equal equity for all users with Gallery View

Eriksen continues: “With smart video, we can keep innovating and constantly create new, awesome user experiences. For example, Huddly IQ will be the first of our cameras to roll out the new Gallery View feature, which supports composite people feed in Microsoft Teams. The software update will be available in Q4 2021, and we can’t wait to get it out to our users. It is great to be playing an active role in the industry’s efforts to ensure equal equity for all users.”

Effective collaboration in large spaces

With a large image sensor and custom lens, Huddly L1 captures all participants in high quality. Our custom software further enhances the image to make sure that it is sharp and true to life. Using Genius Framing, L1 intelligently frames participants and adapts the frame as needed. L1 doesn’t have any moving parts, and the framing happens quietly, without noise.

Even when zoomed in, the camera maintains an overview of the space. It keeps count of attendees and can provide valuable insights into meeting room usage. You can now access this data on XiO Cloud, for example, with Workplace Analytics dashboards that provide detailed information about your meeting space. Businesses that are looking to adapt their office environments for hybrid working could find this particularly useful. Room analytics can give them a clear idea of how their teams are using the meeting rooms and how to create a space that works for them.