Huddly Canvas enables whiteboard collaboration for remote teams

For teams split between the office and home, we're introducing Huddly Canvas, the world’s first and only AI content camera.

Meeting room scenario with 3 people

Canvas makes it easy to bring whiteboards into video meetings, with advanced content enhancement, USB connectivity, and a great experience built for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

For Huddly, this is a product launch like no other. It is the first major project that we have had to plan and execute at a distance. Like so many teams around the world, we have spent the past six months working across different places – some of us from home, others from the office, and never all in the same place. We have always communicated a lot over video, but now it has become the lifeline of our company. Throughout the day, we use it to meet, stay in touch, even socialize. But being able to talk face-to-face is just one of the factors that help us work together successfully at a distance. The other one is content. Just like when we all used to be together at the office, we want to be able to walk up to a whiteboard and grab a marker to quickly brainstorm, and sketch out ideas.

Enter Canvas.

Huddly Canvas AI whiteboard camera

Whiteboarding is the original collaboration tool. It unlocks creativity and collaborative thinking. We wanted to make this intuitive tool available to remote teams. With Canvas, you can create ideas, share knowledge, and solve problems together, as if you were in the same room.

Built for Teams and Zoom

Canvas is easy to use and doesn’t require team members to learn any new technology. When you’re in a video call, you can share an enhanced stream of the whiteboard simply by clicking the content camera button. Canvas is certified as a Microsoft Teams content camera and recognized as a whiteboard camera in both Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms.

AI-enhanced content

Using Huddly’s AI technology on the camera, Canvas is able to enhance the whiteboard image in real-time. It removes gloss and shadows from the image, , boosts marker colors, and hides people standing in front of the whiteboard. This makes it easy for remote participants to see what’s being written on the board and contribute their ideas. With Canvas, every team member can feel included and be part of the team’s collaborative process.

For any size room

Canvas is a powerful, yet flexible solution. It can be installed above any whiteboard up to 2 m x 1.2 m/6′ x 4′. An integrated USB extender makes it easy to install the Canvas camera and connect it to the meeting room device through USB. Canvas is suitable for any size room.

How to get Canvas for your team

We look forward to hearing how Canvas is going to help you and your team get things done, too. It is available to order now from Huddly resellers everywhere. To learn more, visit the Canvas website or contact the Huddly Sales team.