Let's talk about inclusion. Huddly women share their stories.

This International Women's Day, we'd love for you to meet some of the incredible women who make Huddly what it is! They're not only brilliant and talented, but also a joy to work with. Puja, Ruta, Christina, Therese, and Shadi – thank you for inspiring us with your stories! Here's to you, to all women in tech, and to everyone breaking down barriers.

Puja Pancholi, Technical Support Manager

During my Computer Science studies in India, men and women were equally represented, so entering a predominantly male workplace was a surprising shift. Since then, I’ve advocated for diversity, attempting to educate people about its significance.

Puja Pancholi

Today, I’m grateful to work at Huddly, where I feel valued and empowered. In tech and AV, men outnumber women, but we’re heading in the right direction and I’m excited to see more women taking on leadership roles at Huddly. They’re brilliant and bring fresh perspectives to continue building an inclusive, supportive company.

Ruta Kurtkute, Customer Logistics Manager

When I entered the AV industry, I didn’t consider the fact that it was a male-dominated field. I believe in pursuing one’s passions and I was solely focused on my interest in the product and the company. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing! Our team is supported by great managers who provide everyone with equal opportunities to grow and contribute.

Ruta Kurtkute

In my opinion, inclusion is a mindset. It’s about valuing diverse points of view and perspectives. This is especially important in the tech industry, where diversity can promote creativity and innovation, helping us create products that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Puja, Ruta, Therese and Christina

Christina Karam, Imaging Engineer

My parents made it clear that nothing was off-limits because I was a girl. Growing up with a mom who has the mind of an engineer, playing with LEGOs was a regular part of my childhood but if my brothers were outside climbing trees, so was I. From my undergrad in Lebanon to my Ph.D. in the US, and onto my current role at Huddly in Norway, I’ve often found myself as the only female in the room. Having grown up with two older brothers, it doesn’t bother me, but there is an inexplicable joy when you meet another woman in a huge pool of men.

Christina Karam

For a long time, I thought inclusion was just a way to fill a quota. I now understand the significance. Diverse backgrounds and experiences offer perspectives that a homogenous group would otherwise lack. Yet, I still hate the thought of applying somewhere looking for “female engineers”. Tell me you’re looking for “engineers”, and I’ll apply!

Therese Byhring, Product Manager

This is what I hope to teach my girls (and what I wish I had known when I was younger): Trust in yourself. You don’t have to change who you are to achieve your goals. It's okay to express your feelings and stand by your principles. You don’t need to act like a man to make your voice heard. A woman's way of being, thinking, and problem-solving is just as valuable.

Your voice matters.

Therese Byhring

Making sure everyone is heard and seen has always been important to me in my career – as a social entrepreneur, a designer, and now as a product manager. In AI, we have the chance to rewrite how we want the world to be, less biased, more fair, and more inclusive. To achieve this, we must include diverse voices and points of view in decision-making. I now have the chance to bring an ethical view to these decisions, saying not only "Yes, we can" but also "No, we shouldn't."

Shadi Tefagh, Senior Marketing Director

Having grown up in Iran, I’ve seen the challenges women face in pursuing their professional goals. Thanks to the values my mom instilled in me, I'm a firm believer in the limitless potential of women in the workplace, and I'm passionate about advocating for inclusivity for women in male-dominated fields. While it’s encouraging to see more women seizing opportunities and climbing the ladder in tech, there’s still work to be done.

Shadi Tefagh

At Huddly, I’ve found a supportive environment that values inclusivity and celebrates differences. My advice to women entering the industry is to believe in yourself, don’t let setbacks deter you, and seek out mentors who empower you. For me, the support from my inner circle has helped me navigate this industry - from my sister’s unwavering encouragement to the backing of my mentors, I’ve always had someone rooting for my success.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the people behind Huddly as we embrace the theme of "Inspiring Inclusion" for this year's International Women's Day. For further information, visit the official website.