Video podcasting made easy at Lafayette College

Pennsylvania's Lafayette College makes content creation accessible for all with a state-of-the-art video podcast studio featuring Huddly Crew. Leveraging Huddly’s cutting-edge AI director, this initiative empowers students, faculty, and staff to easily create professional, high-quality content.

Building a podcast studio

Located in Easton, Pennsylvania, Lafayette College combines liberal arts and engineering with a focus on practical learning opportunities. Lafayette’s Learning and Research Technologies team equips over 200 campus spaces with technology to facilitate learning, both in and out of the classroom.

E.J. Hudock

“At Lafayette, we value our students’ real-life experiences as much as the curriculum. We had some interest from the community around podcasting and the disruption of the pandemic gave us an opportunity to implement some new ideas,” explains E.J. Hudock, Manager, AV Infrastructure at Lafayette.

Thanks to professional podcasting equipment and DIY sound panels, the team successfully converted two library study rooms into professional-grade audio studios. What began as a trial project quickly gained traction among students and faculty for podcasting, coursework, and professional audio recordings.

“The AI is impressive. The way Huddly Crew switches to a reaction shot and then back to the speaker feels like someone is doing it by hand."

– E.J. Hudock, Manager, AV Infrastructure

The power of visual engagement

“If you see on social media, video or in general, podcasts are now coming out with video … it provides a little bit more engagement.”

- Chelsea Emrick, Instructional Technologist

Then, the team had an idea that would take the setup to a whole new level. “The game-changer was discovering Huddly Crew,” says E.J. “At first, we tested it in a conference room, but then it struck us we could use its capabilities to turn one of the podcast rooms into an automated video studio.”

This turned out to be an ingenious move. Over half of Gen Z podcast fans prefer video over audio because they enjoy seeing the facial expressions and body language of hosts and guests. Huddly Crew is built for just that.

With an AI director that alternates shots between all participants, much like TV talk shows, Huddly Crew helps the audience pick up on non-verbal cues, keeping them engaged and connected to the conversation.

“The AI is impressive,” E.J. comments. “The way Huddly Crew switches to a reaction shot and then back to the speaker feels like someone is doing it by hand. People often wonder, ‘Who’s controlling the camera? How does it know when and who to switch to?’ I just smile and say, ‘I’m not entirely sure, but the folks at Huddly have it all figured out.’”

“The beauty of Huddly Crew is in its ease of use. And it works great! Everyone who sees it leaves impressed.”

– E.J. Hudock, Manager, AV Infrastructure

Podcast production made easy

Huddly Crew’s flexible technology allowed the new studio to be set up quickly and easily. The team installed the three Huddly Crew cameras, optimized the lighting and decorations, and replaced the microphone arms to minimize video interference.

Brent Schnell, the team’s AV Systems Engineer, emphasizes the simplicity of the setup: “With Huddly Crew for video and the RØDECaster kit for audio, it’s as simple as plugging in two USB devices to your computer — one is your camera, one is your audio.”

Chelsea Emrick, Instructional Technologist

Instructional technologist Chelsea Emrick adds that the studio is accessible to all users: “It is equipped for all experience levels and to just kind of create and explore. Creating podcasts is easy, day or night, without requiring tech support.”

An instant hit

From the moment it opened, the studio created a lot of campus buzz with students lining up to give it a try. “They love how easy it is,” says E.J. “All they have to do is book the room, walk in, and hit record. They don’t have to worry about technical issues or camera switching, and can just be in the moment and engage with their guests.”

Plus, there’s now a growing demand for using the studio for Zoom calls and meetings. To meet this need, the team is thinking about expanding Huddly Crew to more spots on campus.

Innovation that makes a difference

Thanks to its unique and innovative approach, Lafayette College is leading the charge in using technology to transform education and storytelling. By ensuring that content creation is accessible to all, the college demonstrates how technology can empower students and drive meaningful change, both within education and beyond.

For more, watch Lafayette’s video tutorial on how to record podcasts in the studio.

Studio setup

For video:

  • Huddly Crew with wall mounts

For audio:

  • RØDECaster Pro Professional Podcast Studio, incl. microphones
  • Shure SRH-440A Professional Studio Headphones
  • Elgato Wave Mic Arm LP


  • Amaran 100x LED video light with Light Dome Diffusers

Camera placement

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