Huddly Software Development Kit (SDK)

For Huddly IQ

Build features
and experiences

We are proud to present Huddly’s first official software development kit for our AI-powered Huddly IQ camera. The Huddly SDK allows partners, integrators, and developers to control the AI-powered Huddly IQ conference camera and take advantage of its advanced analytics to build exciting features and experiences.


InSights Analytics API

Take advantage of
advanced analytics

Get crucial insights into how your meeting spaces are being used, with high-quality analytics data accessible via the Huddly InSights API. With Huddly’s advanced analytics you can monitor:

  • People count: how many people are in the room
  • Usage: how much the room gets used
  • Status: whether the room is free or occupied


Management tools

Camera control
and management

With the Huddly SDK, you can embed control of Huddly IQ into your own app, allowing you to control and manage:

  • Firmware upgrades
  • Status
  • Integrate with centralized management dashboards
  • Camera controls (not yet fully supported)

Technical details

The SDK is built for NodeJS based clients and can be installed using standard NodeJS package managers. The source code is hosted on GitHub and contains examples for reference. As the product and SDK evolves, we will be adding in more examples to the SDK.


We have created some useful examples of how to implement people count analytics for Google Analytics and PowerBI.

Google AnalyticsAzure, IoT and PowerBI