Huddly Crew setup

We recommend using a dedicated room system running Microsoft Windows.

Step 1:

Is everything connected?

The installation guide can be found in the packaging, or you can view it here: Huddly Crew Installation Guide.

When you’re all set, go to step 2.

Step 2:

Check if it works

Set up a video call with your preferred video client.

Step 3:

Are the cameras placed so they can capture the people in the room?

Adjust so the side cameras are pointing towards the opposite center of the table edge. You can explore how this works best with your room setup.

Step 4:

Select your mode in the App.

Huddly Crew features two modes for different meetings and activities, so you can choose the experience that best meets your needs. Choose your preferred mode in the Huddly Connect App.

Step 5:

Additional information

The release notes for Huddly Crew can be found here.