Huddly Framing Zone setup

Here's how to enable Huddly Framing Zone and set the dimensions of your meeting space.

On Windows

Step 1:

Download and install the Huddly Connect App:

Make sure the Huddly S1 camera is running the latest software. This can be done under "Camera Info" under Settings.

Select Huddly Director or Group Framing to access the Framing Zone option:

Step 2:

Select "Set Framing Zone" from the Settings

Step 3:

Enable Framing Zone and set the dimensions:

Step 4:

Start the camera application and stream video from the camera to get the “dots” representing people inside or outside of the Framing Zone to verify the correct dimensions are set. Solid “dots” are people inside the zone and empty “dots” are outside the zone.

How do I enable Huddly Framing Zone on a Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms system?

After you have upgraded the camera firmware and toggled Huddly Framing Zone on in the Huddly Connect App, you can connect the camera to the room system.

How do I set up my Huddly camera?

If you haven’t already done the initial setup of your Huddly Camera, you can find those instructions here.

Still have questions?

Visit Huddly's support pages for Huddly S1 if you need more information.

Huddly support S1 FAQ