What a customer-centric business looks for in an AV system

Genesys, renowned for orchestrating remarkable customer experiences, required an AV system aligned with their values. After much deliberation, they selected the Crestron Mercury solution, featuring Huddly IQ and a native Zoom interface. We explore what made it the perfect fit for their needs.

Huddly's intelligent cameras are part of Crestron Flex solutions for meeting rooms of any size, providing the same outstanding experience in any space. This turned out to be just what Genesys were looking for.

As the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions, Genesys serves thousands of midsized and large businesses. Since digital communication is already at the core of their operations, they needed an AV solution that provides a fantastic experience for their employees, partners, and clients.

Chris Xefos, AV/IT Specialist, shared his perspective on the importance of customer experience in the support department: "We provide leading customer experience solutions so consumers can communicate with businesses. The focus of the company is the customer experience. In IT, as a support department, our customers are the rest of our team members globally."

The best video and audio with intelligent framing

Genesys' previous conferencing solutions focused solely on audio, but they realized that it was becoming increasingly important for people to be able to see each other. Chris Xefos commented, "You know, it's still a challenge to get people to even just turn on their camera, but video adds that whole other dimension which is so important."

Genesys sought a conference camera that could reliably deliver high-quality video and audio in a variety of conferencing spaces. Huddly IQ was designed specifically for small and medium-sized spaces, with a 4K sensor, wide-angle lens, and optional microphone array. The camera also has an intelligent framing feature that captures all participants in the room.

Huddly IQ

The integration with Huddly IQ helped Genesys decide on the Crestron Mercury tabletop solution. Xefos explained, "We've been trying to make it as easy and seamless as possible for our team members to be able to communicate. The Huddly IQ provides a lot of technology and features without a large investment."

Crestron's partnership with Huddly further validated Genesys' decision to choose Huddly IQ.

A familiar and consistent experience for all users

To enhance user satisfaction and reduce friction, frustration, and wasted time, it's essential to offer easy-to-use, familiar, and reliable systems across meeting rooms. According to Xefos, “it’s been really important for us to have consistent user interfaces globally so that this way, when people walk into a room, they’re able to have that same user experience.”

That's why the Crestron Mercury tabletop solution was a clear choice for Genesys, as it offers a native Zoom interface that ensures a smooth experience for their team members. Xefos noted: “We really love that Crestron has partnered with Zoom so that this way the GUI interface comes up as the Zoom interface.”

Let us help you find the perfect meeting room solution

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