Enhance your hybrid meeting spaces with Microsoft Teams and Huddly

We're excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards elevating hybrid collaboration: Huddly's full product line is now proudly certified for Microsoft Teams, enhancing your meeting experience on this vital platform, no matter the size of your space.

In the latest "What's New in Microsoft Teams" update, Microsoft spotlighted Huddly Crew as a new addition to their certified partner ecosystem, rounding off our lineup of Microsoft Teams certified cameras.

“We are thrilled to see our commitment to meeting the needs of Microsoft Teams enterprise customers come to fruition with this certification,” says Huddly VP Product, Bo Pintea. “It reflects our dedication to providing innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams, ultimately improving productivity and efficiency in meeting spaces around the world.”

Performance meets flexibility: Meet the Huddly family

If you're one of the 300+ million people worldwide who use Microsoft Teams daily for collaboration, now is the perfect time to consider enhancing your Teams meetings with Huddly cameras. Our AI-powered cameras cover meeting rooms of any size – small, medium, and large – and are designed to support the flexibility required in today's hybrid workplace.

Huddly Crew: Certified for medium and large spaces.

This AI-directed multi-camera system combines TV and movie magic with cutting-edge AI, ensuring high engagement in video meetings. It captures participants from multiple angles, emulating the nuances of face-to-face interaction. At its core, Huddly Director uses AI to edit meetings in real-time, seamlessly switching views for a dynamic experience. Choose between Speaker mode, to keep a focus on the speaker for formal meetings, or Collaboration mode, to engage with the whole team in interactive sessions.

Huddly L1: Certified for medium and large meeting rooms.

Huddly L1 enables effective hybrid meetings in large spaces. Huddly L1 uses custom optics and cutting-edge AI to deliver premium video and engaging user experiences. Features Huddly Director, Gallery View, and Group Framing.

Huddly S1: Certified for small and medium meeting rooms.

Huddly S1 ensures everyone is seen in smaller spaces. S1 uses custom optics and cutting-edge AI to deliver premium, wide-angle video and engaging user experiences. Features Huddly Director and Group Framing.

Huddly IQ: Certified for focus rooms and small meeting rooms.

Huddly IQ combines a compact design with wide-angle optics and AI features like Gallery View and Group Framing. This ensures everyone is seen clearly, even those closest to the screen. Features an optional microphone array.

Huddly ONE: Certified for personal use and small meeting spaces

Compact and flexible, Huddly ONE offers AI-enhanced, wide-angle video in small scenarios. With Portrait Lighting, it intelligently adjusts image brightness to ensure faces are well-lit.

Huddly Canvas: Certified content camera.

Huddly Canvas enables real-time sharing of whiteboard content, ideal for team collaboration and hybrid classrooms. Features AI content enhancement and perspective correction.

Photo: Niklas Hart

Create a future-ready workplace

With Microsoft and Huddly, you can meet the challenges of the evolving workplace head-on. Choosing two providers focused on innovation means you'll always be one step ahead, boosting your organization's productivity no matter where meetings happen.

Ready to take the leap? Reach out to our sales team or your preferred reseller today to book a demo and enhance Microsoft Teams meetings in all of your hybrid spaces.