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Huddly ONE

For small meeting rooms and home office

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$360 MSRP Home Office Kit / $330 MSRP Room Kit

Huddly ONE is a compact, flexible camera perfect for small meeting rooms and home offices. Offering Full-HD resolution and a wide-angle view, it provides clear video for smooth communication. The camera intelligently adjusts image brightness, delivering optimal visuals regardless of the environment. Compatible with both Mac and PC, Huddly ONE works on any collaboration platform.

Make a great impression

No matter where you set up your meeting, Huddly ONE gives you total flexibility. It fits the whole team in the picture and makes sure everyone gets their say.

Smart video experiences powered by AI

A versatile, long-lasting solution

Easy setup, anywhere

Huddly ONE is a USB plug-and-play camera that works with all major collaboration platforms. It and can be installed on top of a screen in small meeting spaces or on a desktop or laptop computer.

Wide-angle framing

The camera features a wide-angle lens that ensures everyone is captured on video, even those who are close to the screen.

High-quality materials

Huddly ONE is made from high-end, long-lasting mechanical and electronic components. The aluminum housing protects the camera from damage and gives it a sleek, sophisticated look.

Certified and trusted by leading providers.

Huddly ONE is certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom and is compatible with all leading services and operating systems.

Technical specifications

Huddly ONE tech specs

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

Desktop Framing

A default zoom level customized to best suit the one-person home office scenario. The framing can be adjusted to suit personal preference anytime.

Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom

The camera has no moving parts, allowing Pan, Tilt, and Zoom functions to be adjusted smoothly, silently and instantly.

Real-Time Dewarping

The camera’s wide-angle image is dewarped and perspective corrected in real time, rendering a natural, true-to-life view.

Portrait Lighting

The camera uses AI to understand the lighting conditions in the image. It automatically adjusts exposure to ensure that faces are well-lit and facial expressions are clearly visible.


The camera gets even smarter over time with regular software enhancements and new intelligent features.



12 Megapixels 1/2.3” CMOS sensor
1080p Full HD @ 30 fps
720p HD @ 30 fps
16:9 aspect ratio output
UVC 1.1 plug-and-play compatible


Ultra-wide angle glass optics
Horizontal field of view 120 ̊
Vertical field of view 90 ̊
Diagonal field of view 150 ̊
f/2.8 aperture


Aluminum unibody construction
High-performance video processing engine
Neural compute engine
Embedded mounting hinge
Camera tripod mount


USB Type-C connector
SuperSpeed USB 3
HighSpeed USB 2
Power requirement 5V 900mA

Packaging Dimensions

L: 102 mm x W: 82 mm x H: 80 mm


Matte Black

Part Numbers

7090043790603 Huddly ONE, Work From Anywhere Kit

7090043790856 Huddly ONE, Room kit

Room example

Personal Office

Small Meeting Room

Get Huddly ONE for your meeting room or home office.