Huddly Crew AI-directed multi-camera system certified for Microsoft Teams

We are delighted to announce that AI-directed multi-camera system Huddly Crew has achieved certification for Microsoft Teams in medium and large spaces, marking a significant milestone in offering a powerful and flexible solution for organizations aiming to enhance hybrid collaboration.

Fraser Park, Chief Commercial Officer at Huddly, comments, “Microsoft Teams is a vital collaboration platform for our customers, and we're thrilled that organizations of all sizes can now confidently choose Huddly Crew to configure their meeting spaces for effective hybrid work experiences. Huddly Crew adds to our range of Microsoft Teams certified cameras for any size meeting space, including Huddly L1, Huddly S1, Huddly IQ, and Huddly Canvas."

Huddly Crew combines TV and movie magic with cutting-edge AI to bring maximum engagement to video meetings. The system features three 6K network cameras that work together to capture participants from multiple angles, capturing the nuances of in-person communication. At the heart of this system is Huddly Director, an AI-powered technology that edits the meeting in real-time, switching between various shots and angles for a dynamic and engaging experience. With high-resolution imagery and AI-driven camera work, Huddly Crew goes beyond traditional video conferencing, offering a more inclusive and productive platform for hybrid collaboration.

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