Huddly Crew

AI-directed multi-camera system

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$9450 MSRP Huddly Crew 3 x L1 with Wall Mounts / $2690 MSRP Huddly Crew Add-On Camera L1

Boost engagement and focus in your meetings with Huddly® Crew™! Acting like a TV production team, Huddly Crew captures participants from multiple angles, with Huddly® Director editing the meeting in real-time. Now with modes tailored for various activities and preferences. Whether you want to focus on the speaker or engage with the entire team, the choice is yours!


Frost and Sullivan New Product Innovation Award

"A dynamic, enjoyable experience for all video conference participants. Huddly Crew is affordable, easy to mount, requires no configuration or setup, and delivers AI-directed, high-quality meeting experiences without the need for large IT or AV departments."

Joe Way, Chair of HETMA and AV industry expert

"When I saw Huddly Crew, I was amazed. It fills a gap in the market, and I truly believe it will be a game-changer in higher education. With the support of its built-in AI technology, its ability to identify the best shots and ensure optimal visibility is a huge step forward in production quality."

Red Dot Design Award: Best of the Best

“The beauty of Huddly Crew lies in its simplicity, a minimalist approach that places the emphasis on the innovative and impressive technology. The product is not only very discreet but has also been designed and manufactured to an exceptional standard.”

iF Design Award Gold 2023, Jury Statement

"The Huddly Crew integrated video conferencing camera system unlocks the potential of the hybrid workspace. The AI director, which instantly edits video and captures non-verbal cues like body language and facial expressions, delivers post-production video quality in real time."

Choose the experience that's right for your meeting!

"Huddly Crew is magical. This solves meeting equity."

Gary Kayye, Director of the rAVe Agency and AV insider

Maximum quality and flexibility

Award-winning design and innovation

Huddly Crew has received wide recognition for its innovative approach to hybrid meetings, including the Red Dot: Best of the Best Design Award, the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award, the iF Gold Design Award, and a Best of InfoComm Award.

Technical specifications

Huddly Crew tech specs

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

  • Huddly L1 x3
  • Wall Mount x3
  • USB Adapter x1
  • Power Adapter & Regional Plugs x1
  • USB C-C Cable, 0.6 m x1
  • USB A-C Cable, 0.6 m x1
  • Ethernet Cable, 3 m x4
  • Ethernet Switch x1
  • Power Adapter x1
  • Regional Power Cable x4

Huddly Director

Huddly Director edits your meetings in real time using AI. Switching between different shot types, it focuses on the speaker, captures non-verbal reactions from listeners, and gives a full overview of the room.


Huddly Crew is designed to keep improving, thanks to regular software upgrades that deliver new AI capabilities and enhancements.

Image Enhancement

Huddly Crew features automatic white balance, color correction, and optical aberration correction. It uses bias-compensating spatiotemporal filtering with
wide-area chroma filtering to reduce image noise and Dynamic Light Optimization to adjust to low lighting conditions.

Real-Time Dewarping

Huddly Crew's wide-angle image is automatically dewarped and perspective-corrected in real-time, resulting in a natural, true-to-life view.

Exposure Adjustment

Huddly Crew uses an intelligent exposure adjustment mechanism to optimize brightness levels across cameras.


Measurements (Huddly L1)

Length 122 mm / 4.8 in
Height 53 mm / 2.0 in
Width 82 mm / 3.2 in
incl. lens 90 mm /3.5 in

Weight (Huddly L1)

0.6 kg / 1.3 Ibs

Image (Huddly L1)

6K image sensor
20.30 Megapixels 1” CMOS Sensor
1080p Full HD @ 30 fps video output
720p HD @ 30fps video output
Up to 5x digital zoom
16:9 aspect ratio output
180° image auto-flip

Optics (Huddly L1)

Wide-angle glass optics
Horizontal field of view 92˚
Vertical field of view 65˚
Diagonal field of view 103˚
f/2.9 aperture

System & hardware requirements (Huddly L1)

Windows 10
Huddly USB Adapter (included)

Connectivity (Huddly L1)

Connector: RJ45
Cable: Cat 5e/6/7
USB Type-C port supporting USB 2/3 (via USB Adapter)

Hardware (Huddly L1)

High-performance VPU with neural compute engine
Aluminum body

Color (Huddly L1)

Matte Black

Part Numbers

7090043790894 Huddly Crew 3 x L1 with Wall Mounts

7090043791013 Huddly Crew Add-On Camera L1

Room examples

Medium room

Large room

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