Huddly raises the bar for hybrid collaboration with next-generation camera S1

We're excited to introduce Huddly S1, a state-of-the-art camera for small to medium meeting rooms.

Huddly S1 installed under a screen in a meeting room

Together with Huddly L1 for large rooms, S1 represents the next generation of smart cameras. Huddly S1 and Huddly L1 boast our most powerful hardware and software to date. The cameras are aware, networked and artificially intelligent, paving the way for a future of immersive collaboration experiences.

CEO Alexander Woxen comments: “Huddly S1 marks a major milestone for us. Like everything we do, S1 pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in order to create an equitable and inclusive experience for all.”

Huddly S1 offers all the software-defined features that Huddly is known for. It uses AI to deliver smart user experiences, enhance image quality, and capture advanced analytics.

The camera facilitates effective teamwork at scale. Powered and enabled by a single Ethernet connection, the camera provides flexible and reliable installation in any room. Connecting to meeting room devices is seamless with Huddly’s USB to PoE Adapter.

With high-quality materials, design, and hardware, Huddly S1 is made to last. To further ensure the camera’s longevity, we roll out regular updates that include new smart experiences and software enhancements. Additionally, we will continue to provide access to open APIs for third-party integrations.

Huddly S1 is available for order now and will ship in Q2.