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Huddly S1

For small to medium meeting rooms

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MSRP $1380

Huddly S1 uses a 4K sensor and a wide-angle lens to ensure that everyone is seen. The camera offers smart framing and delivers valuable insights with room analytics. Certified for Microsoft Teams.

Get into the flow of the conversation

Successful meetings start with good communication. Huddly S1 makes sure that all team members feel engaged and are able to contribute.

AI-powered video experiences

Premium hardware and engineering

4K image sensor

Huddly S1 captures everyone in high resolution. Thanks to the camera's 150° wide-angle lens, everyone is seen, even those sitting closest to the camera.

High-quality materials

Huddly S1 is made from high-end, long-lasting electronic and mechanical components. The camera has no moving parts, so it is stable and durable even with heavy use.


Setup is reliable and flexible with a single Ethernet cable. Featuring our most powerful software and hardware yet, Huddly S1 opens the door to a future of intelligent and connected meeting room devices.

Certified and trusted by leading providers.

Huddly S1 is certified for Microsoft Teams.

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Technical specifications

Huddly S1 tech specs

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

Huddly Director

Huddly Director edits your meetings in real time using AI. Switching between different shot types, it focuses on the speaker, captures non-verbal reactions from listeners, and gives a full overview of the room.

Genius Framing

The camera detects the people in its entire field of view and intelligently frames them for the best experience.

Portrait Lighting

The camera uses AI to understand the lighting conditions in the image. It automatically adjusts exposure to ensure that faces are well-lit and facial expressions are clearly visible.

Power over Ethernet

The camera receives power and transmits data through Power over Ethernet. Installation is reliable and flexible in regard to cable length.


The camera gets even smarter over time with regular software enhancements and new intelligent features.

Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom

The camera has no moving parts, allowing Pan, Tilt, and Zoom functions to be adjusted smoothly, silently and instantly.

Image Enhancement

The camera automatically corrects white balance, color, and optical aberration. It reduces image noise through bias compensating spatio-temporal filtering with wide-area chroma filtering and adapts to poor lighting conditions with Dynamic Light Optimization.

Real-Time Dewarping

The camera’s wide-angle image is dewarped and perspective corrected in real time, rendering a natural, true-to-life view.

InSights Analytics API

The camera can detect and count the people within its entire field of view, with high-quality analytics data accessible via the Huddly InSights API.

Room examples

Medium Room

Small Room



4K image sensor

12 Megapixels 1/2.3” CMOS sensor

1080p Full HD @ 30 fps

720p HD @ 30fps

16:9 aspect ratio output

Up to 4x digital zoom


Ultra-wide angle glass optics

Horizontal field of view 120˚

Vertical field of view 90˚

Diagonal field of view 150˚

f/2.8 aperture


Connector: RJ45

Cable: Cat 5e/6/7

USB 3.0 port (via USB to PoE Adapter)


High-performance VPU with neural compute engine

Aluminum body

Camera tripod mount

Color: Matte Black


Matte Black

System & Hardware Requirements

Windows 10

Huddly USB to PoE Adapter (included)

Wall & Shelf Mount (Included)

Made for placement on wall or shelf

Weight of Mount: 120 g/ 0.2 Ibs

Packaging Dimensions

L: 274 mm x W: 184 mm x H: 93 mm

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