Huddly releases Speaker Framing update for L1 cameras

Great news for our Huddly L1 customers! Speaker Framing is now available for existing and new L1 cameras. A unique AI-driven user experience, Speaker Framing keeps remote participants engaged by focusing on the speaker while also allowing for listener reactions and contextual cues.

Overview shot from Speaker Framing feature on the Huddly L1

We are excited to release Speaker Framing, a major update to our networked camera platform, highlighting the power of Huddly L1's next-generation hardware and software capabilities. All new L1 cameras will come with Speaker Framing, which is available via software update for existing L1 cameras.

Speaker Framing is powered by the Huddly L1's built-in AI director. It edits meetings in real time, switching between different types of shots.

Therese Byhring, User Experience designer at Huddly, explains the motivation behind the technology: "With Speaker Framing, Huddly is taking a massive step forward in bringing hybrid collaboration to life. We believe that everyone should feel included and have the opportunity to contribute. And to ensure that every viewpoint is represented, screen equity is essential. That's why instead of only focusing on the speaker, Speaker Framing is designed to capture the entire conversation."

She adds: "Speaker Framing creates a dynamic conversational experience, so you don't get bored staring at a static image. Instead, it's like letting your eyes wander naturally around the table as you observe the people around you."

In practice, this means that while focusing primarily on the person talking, Speaker Framing also incorporates listener responses and reactions. With its custom 6K lens, the camera captures people in sharp detail, giving you a closer view of their facial expressions and body language. Whenever remote participants are speaking or people enter, leave, or move about the room, the camera automatically turns to overview, so everybody gets the full context.

With Speaker Framing, you'll ensure that your video meetings are engaging and that everyone can actively participate. If you want to experience Speaker Framing for yourself, you can now upgrade your Huddly L1 camera using the new Huddly Connect App.

We can't wait for you to try it! Contact us to book a live demo now.