Huddly + Sustainability

At Huddly, we create intelligent, sustainable technology that enhances teamwork and collaboration. We aim to make virtual meetings as powerful as in-person meetings to help reduce emissions and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Making video meetings the preferred choice

In order to secure a sustainable future, we must reduce our reliance on carbon-based travel. There are more intelligent methods of linking individuals. As leaders in AI-driven video conferencing, our aim is to create virtual meetings that are so good that people don't feel the need to travel in order to connect.

Designed to be sustainable

Upgradable software

We made our cameras software-upgradable so that users can benefit from the latest innovations without purchasing new hardware and creating unnecessary waste in the process.

Long-lasting hardware

Huddly cameras are made with high-quality electronic and mechanical components, resulting in an exceptionally low return rate. They are also backed by a three-year warranty.

Timeless, sustainable design

Featuring exceptional performance and award-winning timeless aesthetics, our cameras are designed to fit any meeting space and adapt to changing needs and settings.

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Our purpose

Our goal at Huddly is to make hybrid collaboration as enjoyable and productive as physical meetings. Besides improving workdays across the globe, this greatly reduces the need for business travel, saving time and money, and cutting down on emissions.

Our priorities going forward

Huddly's sustainability journey is just getting started. Stay tuned as we work to make video meetings the preferred alternative and ensure sustainable business practices for our company. To begin, here are our focus areas for the months ahead.

A focus on innovation

We will continue to push the AV industry forward by bringing new and exciting user experiences to the market.

A focus on software

In the future, we will be focusing on releasing even more powerful software updates to enhance the value of our hardware and ensure durability.

A focus on transparency

Transparency about working conditions in our supply chain is one of our goals moving forward. We will also optimize our products' carbon footprint using data-driven decisions.

Norwegian transparency act 2023

Want to invest in smart, green technology?

Are you looking for tools that support teamwork and stay on top of technology? With Huddly, you can have it all. By maximizing hardware investments and reducing waste, our cameras are a great investment for your business as well as the planet.

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