Huddly Crew just got even bigger and better with add-on cameras

Introducing new add-on cameras, making it easy to scale up Huddly Crew for AI-directed multi-camera experiences in larger spaces.

We came to InfoComm 2024 with great news for customers looking to scale up their Huddly Crew setups:

  • Huddly Crew add-on cameras are now available for order (2,690 USD MSRP), with shipping expected for Q3.
  • New Huddly Director software for larger spaces is coming via firmware update, also in Q3.

This means that you'll soon be able to add two add-on cameras to your base three-camera Huddly Crew kit and run five cameras in the room! Adding cameras is easy - just plug them into the switch. With AI processing on the device, there’s no need to worry about losing processing power or performance.

Flexibility is key

In a hybrid world, technology can't remain static; it must adapt and evolve. That's why we designed Huddly Crew to be flexible. Our secret? On-device AI! It automates the meeting experience, maximizes scalability, and reduces setup time.

Huddly Crew uses AI to automate the meeting experience for great collaboration and communication in any space. You can choose between Speaker or Collaboration mode, depending on whether you want a focus on the speaker or engage with the whole team.

Huddly Director will adapt camera switching to your mode, so you can just focus on the meeting at hand. Huddly Crew’s AI is flexible and works out of the box, no lengthy presets or configuration needed.

Certified for Microsoft Teams and compatible with all major platforms, Huddly Crew is easy to set up with USB plug-and-play. Our goal is for the technology to get out of the way so that you can focus on what really matters.

Redefining boardroom experiences

Chief Commercial Officer Fraser Park comments, "Our customers have long asked us to solve the challenge of video in larger spaces, and we are thrilled to fulfill this need. The introduction of Huddly Crew add-on cameras provides a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective option with unparalleled power and functionality."

He adds, "We founded Huddly to make high-quality video conferencing available beyond boardrooms, and we’re now excited to redefine that same boardroom experience with AI-directed multi-camera technology, putting it within reach of any organization looking to enhance their meeting spaces for optimal success in the hybrid workplace.”

Huddly Crew five-camera setup

For a sneak peek at how Huddly Crew works in larger spaces, we're running a series of InfoComm live demos featuring a five-camera setup with new Huddly Director AI software. Book your demo here.

Upcoming AI camera innovations

Huddly's cameras offer premium, AI-driven video experiences in any meeting space and we're constantly working to make them even better. At InfoComm, we announced two exciting innovations that will first come to Huddly S1 in early Q3 before being introduced to the rest of the portfolio.

Huddly Perspective Correction

This breakthrough in image processing has to be seen to be believed! It corrects lens distortions in real-time, delivering a lifelike view of people and spaces and enabling flexible camera placement with tilt up or down.

Huddly Framing Zone

With Framing Zone, users will be able to define the dimensions of their meeting space or area, ensuring that only meeting participants are detected and framed. Perfect for spaces with glass walls.

You can experience Huddly’s latest innovations firsthand at InfoComm booth C6129. Make sure to check out our iconic Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms setup using Huddly Crew! You can also book a live demo.

Want more information on Huddly Crew? Contact your favorite reseller or get in touch with our Sales team.