Huddly releases Gallery View to promote equity and human connection

Huddly IQ just got even smarter with Gallery View, a new feature that makes meetings equitable and enables effective communication. It’s now available via software release on all IQ cameras. To enable Gallery View, simply update your device.

Gallery View showing two people in separate tiles

In hybrid meetings, proximity bias can make it challenging for participants to connect with each other.

"People tend to give preference to those who are physically close to them," explains Therese Byhring, User Experience Designer at Huddly. "The closer we are, the easier it is to pick up on non-verbal communication cues. This means connecting with people on video calls is harder, especially if we can't see them very well."

Gallery View on Huddly IQ is designed to solve this problem. Using a split-view layout, Gallery View frames room participants with a focus on the face and upper body, making it easy to pick up on non-verbal cues like body language and facial expressions.

Furthermore, Gallery View adjusts zoom levels to represent everyone equitably. In addition, it removes dead space from the image, resulting in better communication and an increased sense of equity. Everyone can see and understand one another.

In the initial version of the feature, the split view supports meetings with two participants in the room. Whenever there are more participants, the camera automatically shows the whole group; if there is only one, the person is shown up close.

Gallery View works in huddle, small, and medium meeting rooms on Huddly IQ and Huddly IQ with mic.

To enable Gallery View on your Huddly IQ, update your camera through the Huddly App. Once Gallery View is installed, you can turn the feature on or off in the Huddly app.

Do you want to experience Gallery View live? Get in touch with the team and book a demo.