Product and regulatory compliance information for Huddly® Crew

This information applies to the following product model IDs:

  • S3K001
  • S3K003

Product and Compliance Information

Huddly Crew: English

This document contains:

  • detailed user instructions as it pertains to installation, power supplies, recycling, etc, and
  • regulatory compliance information and statements.

Evaluated markets and marking for Huddly® Multi-Camera Experience →

Regional Power Plugs

Make sure to use the correct power plug for your region. Detailed information is available on the corresponding page for the Adapter in your kit. S3K001, comes with a Huddly Network Adapter (H3BA), and S3K003 comes with a Huddly USB Adapter (H3SA).

Make the same plug selection for the Netgear GS308PP Switch.

Evaluation method

Each of the electronic devices in the Huddly Crew system have been fully evaluated and certified individually.

Additionally, the Huddly Crew system has been through a selection of tests to verify the kit's compliance with legal obligations. The scope of this evaluation was established in conjunction with our external accredited test body.

The compliance marks and information on the product reflects the extent of the evalutation that was performed.

Please consult corresponding information for the individual equipment in the kit, for H3AC at: Huddly L1, for H3BA at: Huddly Network Adapter, for H3SA at: Huddly USB Adapter, and for the Netgear GS308PP respectively, for more details.