Huddly AS – Key information relating to potential subsequent offering

Oslo, 21 November 2023: Reference is made to the stock exchange notice by Huddly AS ("Huddly" or the "Company") on 21 November 2023 regarding the successful completion of a private placement of 260 million new shares in the Company (the "Offer Shares"), at a subscription price of NOK 0.50 per new share (the "Offer Price"), with gross proceeds of NOK 130 million (the "Private Placement"), and a potential subsequent share offering (the "Subsequent Offering").

To mitigate the dilution of existing shareholders not participating in the Private Placement, the Board has resolved to propose that an extraordinary general meeting in the Company expected to be held on or about 6 December 2023 (the "EGM") gives the Board authorization to resolve the Subsequent Offering of up to 60 million new shares directed towards the Company's shareholders as of close of trading 21 November 2023, as recorded in the VPS on 23 November 2023, who (i) were not included in the wall-crossing phase of the Private Placement, (ii) do not have a pro-rata share of the Private Placement which is equal to or higher than the minimum order and allocation in the Private Placement (0.90% - 1.17% of the shares outstanding in the Company), (iii) were not allocated Offer Shares in the Private Placement, and (iv) are not resident in a jurisdiction where such offering would be unlawful or would (in jurisdictions other than Norway) require any prospectus, filing, registration or similar action (the "Eligible Shareholders"). The subscription price in the Subsequent Offering will be equal to the Offer Price. The Eligible Shareholders will receive non-transferrable subscription rights in the Subsequent Offering. Subscription without subscription rights will not be permitted in the Subsequent Offering. The Board will, connected to the Subsequent Offering, decide whether Eligible Shareholders shall be allowed to over-subscribe.

The Subsequent Offering is subject to (i) completion of the Private Placement (ii) necessary corporate approvals, including the EGM resolving to authorise the Board to issue shares in the Subsequent Offering and the Board resolving to issue shares in the Subsequent Offering, (iii) the publication of an offering prospectus pertaining to the Subsequent Offering and (iv) the prevailing market price of the Company's shares following the Private Placement. The Board may decide that the Subsequent Offering will not be carried out in the event that the Company's shares trade at or below the subscription price in the Subsequent Offering (i.e. the Offer Price) at sufficient volumes.

In accordance with the continuing obligations of companies listed on Euronext Growth Oslo, the following key information is given with respect to the Subsequent Offering:

- Date on which the terms and conditions of the Subsequent Offering were announced: 21 November 2023
- Last day including right to receive subscription rights: 21 November 2023
- Ex-date: 22 November 2023
- Record Date: 23 November 2023
- Date of approval: On or about 6 December 2023
- Maximum number of new shares: 60,000,000
- Subscription price: NOK 0.50

For more information, please contact:
Abhijit Banik, CFO
Mobile: +47 408 30 964

This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Obligations set out in Euronext Growth Oslo Rule Book - Part II.