Huddly AS - US court order stops infringement of Huddly IP

On 17 May 2022 the United States District Court of the Northern District of California issued a court order in which it fully supports Huddly’s claim against the company Suzhou Washeng Technology Co. Ltd. (also known as “Hamedal”).

This means that Hamedal is permanently required to stop all use of trademarks that the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) previously has found to be infringing on Huddly’s trademarks.

“Huddly’s success as innovation leader in the videoconferencing market makes it tempting to steal our intellectual property. This is unacceptable, and the decision of the United States District Court of the Northern District of California should serve as a warning to any other parties with similar intentions. Huddly is stepping up the game to protect our IP and we already see the results”, says Alexander Woxen, CEO of Huddly.

Hamedal must permanently stop any marketing, manufacture, and/or sale of its V20 videoconferencing camera or any other product with a design confusingly similar to the trade dress of Huddly’s videoconferencing cameras Huddly GO or Huddle IQ. It is also declared that Hamedal wilfully infringes Huddly’s federally protected trademarks and trade dress. Huddly retains the right to pursue damages and cost in courts of competent jurisdiction and any suitable tribunals upon future discovery or further information.

On 28 September 2020 Huddly AS initiated a cancellation proceeding with the TTAB of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) to cancel Hamedal’s trademark registrations “H” and “Hamedal” on the basis that the trademark registrations were confusingly similar to Huddly’s previously registered trademarks.

Huddly was successful in the US cancellation proceeding, however Hamedal continued its use of the infringing trademarks. Hence Huddly followed up with a lawsuit against Hamedal in the District Court of the Northern District of California, in order to have a court order that prohibits Hamedal’s infringements of Huddly’s intellectual property rights. The lawsuit resulted in the court order of 17 May 2022 which fully supports Huddly’s claim.

About Huddly AS

Huddly is a technology company that creates tools for team collaboration. Based in Oslo, Norway, Huddly combines expertise across the fields of design, hardware, software, and artificial intelligence. The company’s smart cameras are designed to make it easier and better for people to communicate with each other. Huddly’s solutions with industry-leading partners enable high-quality video experiences on all major collaboration platforms.

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