How Huddly enables hybrid collaboration with smart video

Huddly's smart cameras L1 and IQ use artificial intelligence and advanced software to make video collaboration a breeze. Here's what this looks like in action.

Medium meeting room with two in room participants and remote participants visible on the screen on the wall

Using artificial intelligence and advanced software, Huddly L1 and IQ make it easy to collaborate over video in rooms of any size. The more we learn about how to make hybrid collaboration inclusive and effective, the smarter our cameras will get, thanks to regular software updates and new feature releases.

Huddly L1

Huddly L1 is made for large rooms. Featuring advanced image processing and smart features like Genius Framing, the camera allows for true-to-life video experiences that make working together a breeze.

Huddly IQ

Huddly IQ is perfect for small spaces. Thanks to smart features like Genius Framing and advanced image processing, the camera provides an immersive video experience that simplifies collaboration.