It’s showtime! Be the first to meet our new AI director and multi-camera conferencing system

Inspired and trained by TV directors, the Huddly® Multi-Camera Experience captures conversations with multiple cameras, creating the kind of experience previously only seen on TV and in movies. Tune in to witness the start of a new era of video collaboration - and the end of virtual meeting fatigue - all at our product launch event on Monday, October 3!

Picture showing S1 on a dark background

Rather than focusing only on the people speaking, the Huddly Multi-Camera Experience also cuts to the other people in the room, capturing non-verbal reactions and responses. This ensures that all attendees are part of the conversation - even the less outspoken ones – making for a more rewarding experience where all thoughts and perspectives are included.

Just like the best directors place the viewer right in the middle of the action, Huddly’s AI director gives those joining remotely the feeling of being in the room, making them invested and actively engaged. Joining a conference call will feel like joining a great conversation - the kind that leaves you energized and inspired.

To showcase the power of this technology, Huddly is putting it to the ultimate test by using the Huddly Multi-Camera Experience to create the first-ever short film entirely directed and filmed by AI. You'll be able to watch the trailer at our online launch event on October 3.

Any questions? Feel free to send them in advance. We will answer questions in the chat during the entire event, but to get yours first in line, you can send them to

Join the event here on Monday, October 3 (4 pm Oslo, 3 pm London, 10 am New York)!