New ways to access meeting room analytics on key platforms

Huddly's smart cameras L1 and IQ enable you to get in-depth insights into meeting rooms of any size. With this analytic data now available through our partners Crestron, Zoom, and NEC, it has never been easier to collect information on how your office space is being used.

medium meeting room

As your organization moves toward a hybrid working model, meeting room insights can be a great tool to help support a smooth transition. Once you understand how your team uses the existing office infrastructure, you can design a space that meets everyone’s needs, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction all around.

Our smart cameras Huddly L1 and IQ can provide in-depth analytics for rooms of any size, and new solutions developed by our partners Crestron and Zoom make these analytics available on user-friendly dashboards. Based on the advanced data collected by our cameras, these new tools tap into Huddly’s open APIs, which allow partners, integrators, and developers to build custom solutions.

Accurate, fast, and secure analytics for any space

Powered by AI, Huddly IQ and L1 are smart sensors that provide automated user experiences and capture analytical data about their surroundings. With an onboard neural engine that is trained and optimized to detect people, they can keep track of the number of meeting participants, how often a room is used, and if it is occupied. No matter the size of the room, the cameras can see the entire space, even when zoomed in. All processing is done directly on the camera rather than on a connected PC or cloud. This eliminates the risk of data leakage and performance loss.

Workplace analytics with Crestron

Crestron Flex solutions bring high-quality audio and video to every room. Powered by XiO Cloud and Huddly, Flex now provides valuable operational analytics so you can gain insight into how your office spaces are being used, allowing you to keep rooms working, meetings moving, and teams productive.

People count with Zoom

Users of the Zoom Room software can now access real-time people counting data provided by Huddly IQ. The software can automatically count in-room attendees and display this information on the dashboard.