Speaker Framing

Speaker Framing edits meetings in real time using the Huddly L1's built-in AI director. Rather than focusing only on the speaker, it also includes listening shots and overview shots that show non-verbal reactions and responses and enable remote participants to feel immersed and engaged as they listen.

Speaker Framing works with the Huddly L1 camera for large and medium rooms.

The Speaker Framing experience

Facilitating better collaboration

Speaker shot

A speaker shot focuses on providing a closer view of the speaker. Huddly L1's 6K lens captures facial expressions, gestures, and other body language cues to add context.

Listener shot

Listening shots provide variety and capture non-verbal reactions. This way, everyone can be visually engaged in the conversation, even if they do not speak.

Overview shot

An overview shot gives remote participants a full understanding of the spatial context. They are displayed when remote participants speak or people enter, leave or move about the room.

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