Speaker Framing

Speaker Framing is a unique AI-driven user experience that keeps remote participants engaged by focusing on the speaker while also allowing for listener reactions and contextual cues.

We believe everyone should feel included and have the opportunity to contribute, and screen equity is essential to ensuring that every viewpoint is represented. That's why Speaker Framing captures the entire conversation rather than just the speaker.

Using the Huddly L1's built-in AI director, Speaker Framing edits meetings in real time. Switching between different types of shots, it creates a dynamic conversational experience that resembles letting your eyes wander naturally around the table as you observe the people around you.

Speaker Framing works with the Huddly L1 camera.

Speaker Framing experience

Facilitating better collaboration

Speaker shot

A speaker shot focuses on providing a closer view of the speaker. Huddly L1's 6K lens captures facial expressions, gestures, and other body language cues to add context.

Listener shot

Listening shots provide variety and capture non-verbal reactions. We want everyone to be visually engaged in the conversation, even if they do not speak.

Overview shot

Overview shots provide remote participants with the full spatial context. They are displayed when remote participants speak or people enter, leave or move about the room.

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