Speaker Framing

Include and engage everyone in hybrid meetings

Huddly’s smart cameras make it easy for teams to communicate and collaborate naturally on video. Speaker Framing is a powerful new AI feature designed to make meetings feel immersive and inclusive. Leveraging the latest advances in our smart camera technology, it facilitates conversations that feel as natural and engaging and those that you have in person.

In a static environment, such as video, it is difficult to interpret non-verbal communication like gestures, body language, and facial expressions. Speaker Framing automatically captures these details, and while focusing on the person speaking, it also brings attention to reactions and events in the room. This provides remotes participants with the information and context they need to feel comfortable taking part in the conversation.

Based on information from directional microphones and output from the image sensor, Huddly L1 and S1 are able to pinpoint the location of people in the meeting room. Speaker Framing uses this data to frame the conversation intelligently.

Speaker Framing will be available on Huddly S1 and Huddly L1, our networked camera platform. For updates on this exciting new technology, follow us on LinkedIn. Further details on market availability and pricing will be provided at a later date.

Speaker Framing demo

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