Huddly and Google strengthen partnership with Huddly IQ for Jamboard

June 13, 2019

We are delighted to announce the next step in our partnership with Google, with our AI-powered Huddly IQ camera now being an official accessory for the Google Jamboard, the cloud-based collaborative, digital whiteboard. The Jamboard including a Huddly IQ and a custom-built Huddly mounting bracket is going to be available as a bundle. You can already experience it in action today if you stop by the Huddly booth (#4087) and the Google booth (#4481) at InfoComm.

The Google Jamboard featuring the Huddly IQ camera at InfoComm 2019

We first announced our partnership with Google back in 2017, with our newly-launched Huddly GO camera featured as part of the new Google Hangouts Meet hardware kit. Since then, our partnership has gone from strength to strength, with many thousands of Huddly GOs shipped to customers around the world.

Meet for Jamboard

Launched in 2017, Jamboard is a 55 inch, 4k collaborative digital whiteboard for G Suite customers that works in the cloud. Jamboard helps you bring your ideas to life with intuitive drawing, plus notes, text and images from the web using Google Search. You can also pull in work from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drive. Whatever you put on the board can be shared with the rest of your team and co-authored in real time.

In May 2019, Google introduced a brand new, fullscreen Meet experience called ’Meet for Jamboard’, which allows users to seamlessly move between meeting, presenting, and ideating all on Jamboard.

With the Huddly IQ and custom mounting bracket, Jamboard users can now get the high quality, wide-angle video meeting experience they have come to expect from Huddly.

Huddly IQ

The multi-award-winning Huddly IQ ensures that everyone using the Jamboard is seen and heard, no matter where you are collaborating. Huddly IQ’s 150° wide-angle lens and studio-quality embedded microphone array deliver an immersive video meeting experience, giving everyone a voice and a seat at the table.

An embedded neural engine allows Huddly IQ to see, understand and respond to its environment in real time. With the “Genius Framing” feature, it can detect the people in its field of view and respond by automatically framing them.

Thanks to Huddly IQ’s embedded Machine Learning platform, it will be trained to understand more of what is happening in the meeting space. Regular software updates mean Huddly IQ’s capabilities will improve over time, with performance enhancements and new “Genius” automated user experience feature releases.

The Huddly IQ, custom bracket and Google Jamboard bundle will be available later this year. Please contact VP Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Fraser Park for more details.

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