Huddly Director solves meeting equity with AI-directed video

Huddly® Director™ delivers professionally produced video meetings with a focus on engagement and communication—available for any size meeting space on Huddly® Crew™, L1, and S1. Discover how we're challenging the conventions of video conferencing to solve meeting equity and inclusion once and for all.

The business case for conversation

We can't stress it enough—conversations are not just good for collaboration; they’re critical for business success. When team members talk to each other, bringing their experience and unique strengths to the table, it helps solve problems, generate ideas, and create new growth opportunities.

That's why, in a world where most teams are spread across different locations, it's crucial to equip them with tools for effective communication. At Huddly, we believe in the power of AI-driven technology to bridge the gap and bring people together face-to-face on video, enabling productive collaboration.

"In the workplace, face-to-face conversation not only improves the bottom line but also leads to higher productivity while reducing stress."

– Sherry Turkle, thought leader and sociologist at MIT

Unfortunately, current video conferencing technology often falls short. We've gotten used to the bare minimum: a static picture of the meeting room. Or a view of the speaker at the expense of everyone else.

No wonder video meetings get boring fast. What's worse, they’re so uninspiring that they actually make it hard to have productive discussions and get work done.

Don't you agree it's time for a change?

Introducing AI-directed meetings with Huddly Director

Huddly® Director™ is like a personal TV director for your meetings. It cuts between shots of the speaker, listener reactions, and room overviews in real-time, creating an immersive, engaging experience that offers the benefits of face-to-face communication.

Huddly Director is now available for small, medium, and large rooms on our range of network cameras, including Huddly S1, L1, and the Huddly Crew AI-directed multi-camera system. On Huddly L1, this experience used to be known as Speaker Framing.

Chief Design Officer Knut Helge Teppan comments, “In video calls, it's often challenging to pick up crucial social cues like gestures and expressions. To solve this, we drew inspiration from TV production principles. Working closely with a professional TV production team, we learned about camera techniques, framing, rhythm, and pacing. We then adapted these methods to enhance the interactivity of hybrid collaboration.”

“Drawing on Huddly’s vast experience in software and AI, Huddly Director achieves real-time inference of meeting spaces,” adds CTO Vegard Hammer. “Our cameras capture high-quality video and audio data, allowing Huddly Director to tailor the experience for maximum engagement. All AI processing happens directly on the device, ensuring compatibility with any platform and scalability across room types."

Making video feel like face-to-face conversation

TV and movie production techniques are so effective for creating engaging video meetings because they're based on how people communicate and connect.

Think about how film directors use a range of camera shots – wide angles to establish the setting and close-ups to foster connections with characters. Similarly, in talk shows, directors cut between cameras to capture not only the speaker but also audience reactions.

Huddly Director follows a similar approach by capturing both the speaker's and listeners' reactions, mirroring our innate tendency to scan the room during in-person meetings and gather valuable non-verbal cues. This helps us understand discussion dynamics, ensures that every contribution is considered, not just the most vocal ones, and improves our communication and decision-making.

"The research is clear: Inclusive communication within teams leads to enhanced performance, increased productivity, and a culture of innovation."

– Mona Kleven Lauritzen, UX Lead at Huddly

Designed for inclusivity and equity, Huddly Director fundamentally changes how we relate to each other on video. For more information, get in touch with us or your local Huddly reseller to schedule a live demo!