Huddly S1 video conferencing camera certified for Microsoft Teams

Huddly S1 is now officially certified for Microsoft Teams, adding to Huddly's portfolio of Microsoft Teams-certified intelligent cameras across small, medium, and large spaces. With USB plug-and-play connectivity and real-time editing through Huddly® Director™, Huddly S1 emerges as an excellent choice for organizations wanting to enhance hybrid team collaboration.

In line with the subjective and quantitative testing criteria set forth by the Microsoft Teams Rooms Certification Program, the wide-angle, AI-powered Huddly S1 video conferencing camera has been certified as a Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) for Windows Peripheral for use in small and medium meeting spaces.

“Microsoft Teams, with 280 million daily users, plays a vital role in our users' collaboration flows,” comments Vegard Hammer, Chief Technology Officer at Huddly. “The Microsoft Teams Certification for Huddly S1 underscores our commitment to upholding rigorous standards on this essential communication platform.”

He continues, "Huddly S1 adds to our lineup of Microsoft Teams-certified cameras, Huddly L1, Huddly IQ, and Huddly Canvas, empowering our users to confidently choose Huddly cameras for use with Microsoft Teams in a variety of scenarios and room sizes.”

With USB plug-and-play connectivity via the Huddly USB Adapter, Huddly S1 elevates hybrid collaboration on Microsoft Teams Rooms and other collaboration platforms, whether you're in a BYOD scenario or using a native meeting room solution.

Raising the bar for hybrid collaboration

Small and medium-sized rooms are favorites for team meetings and informal catch-ups. To deliver inclusive and engaging video meetings in these spaces, Huddly S1 now features Huddly Director, a game-changing feature popularized by the Huddly® Crew™ AI-directed multi-camera system.

Powered by advanced AI technology, Huddly Director is like a TV director for every meeting. Taking inspiration from TV and movie production techniques, it switches between different shots, capturing non-verbal cues and replicating the natural flow of in-person communication to ensure all participants stay engaged.

“Huddly Director leverages our intelligent networked platform to maximize meeting engagement, and we're excited to bring it to both new and existing Huddly S1 users,” comments CTO Vegard Hammer. ”What truly sets Huddly apart is our ability to add new features to our cameras even after they're deployed in meeting rooms. This meets the urgent need for flexible, highly effective collaboration solutions that remain relevant even as the workplace changes.”

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