Simplify collaboration with USB plug-and-play for Huddly Crew, L1, and S1

Did you know that our entire range of network cameras, including Huddly S1, Huddly L1, and Huddly® Crew™, now features USB plug-and-play connectivity? Get ready for engaging collaboration experiences in small, medium, and large meeting rooms, whether it's BYOD or a native room setup.

Five people in a meeting room, talking to online meeting participants

Collaboration just got better with our next-generation network cameras - Huddly S1, Huddly L1, and Huddly Crew. Thanks to the Huddly USB Adapter, these cameras now offer USB plug-and-play connectivity, making them a great choice for both BYOD setups and native meeting room solutions.

Powered by advanced AI, these cameras go beyond brilliant image quality; they're designed to ensure that everyone in your meetings not only looks their best but also feels fully included and engaged.

All three models come equipped with Huddly® Director™, your personal TV director for every meeting! Huddly Director switches between shots of the speaker, listener reactions, and room overviews in real time, delivering an immersive experience that offers all the benefits of face-to-face communication.

So, whether you're on Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Google Meet Rooms, or any other platform of your choice, these cameras are your perfect companion to take your collaboration to the next level!

Huddly S1

Huddly S1 takes hybrid collaboration to the next level in small to medium rooms. This flexible 4K camera brings you immersive AI-directed video meetings with Huddly Director and ensures everyone in the room is seen, thanks to its wide-angle lens.

Huddly L1

Huddly L1 boosts engagement and collaboration in medium to large rooms. Powered by Huddly Director, Huddly L1 edits video meetings in real-time to create an engaging experience. This powerful 6K camera captures all participants in vivid detail, even in large spaces.

Huddly Crew

Huddly Crew brings the magic of TV and movies to your video meetings in medium to large rooms. Three 6K network cameras create an immersive view, fostering close connections between participants. Powered by Huddly Director, the system performs smart, real-time edits, seamlessly transitioning between different shots and angles to offer an engaging and effective experience.