Making high-quality video conferencing available for all

Huddly disrupts industry norms with new, accessible AI camera pricing, aiming to make high-quality video conferencing and effective hybrid meetings available to everyone.

In 2013, when video conferencing was synonymous with expensive boardroom equipment, Huddly was born from a bold vision: high-quality video conferencing for all, especially distributed knowledge workers.

Today, the company is doubling down on this goal with new accessible pricing across its camera lineup and technological innovations that redefine what "high quality" means in the modern workplace.

An AI-driven solution to outdated meeting room technology

Huddly Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Stein Ove Eriksen, states: “The AV industry must confront a harsh truth: 85-90% of meeting rooms still lack video capabilities. Even equipped rooms rely on outdated tech, reinforcing the misconception that video calls are less effective than face-to-face meetings."

"That simply isn't true. The issue isn't with video, but with technology that has failed to keep up. In today's demanding hybrid environment, video conferencing needs to do more than provide clear video; it should actively shape the experience."

Stein Ove Eriksen

Eriksen adds: "Huddly bridges this gap with innovative technology designed for collaboration. Using AI, our cameras enhance team dynamics and capture the magic of collaboration. Hybrid teams deserve tools that help them achieve real results, and with our new pricing, we aim to make these tools available to everyone who needs them."

Discover Huddly's full AI camera lineup for every meeting space:

Explore Huddly's Microsoft Teams-certified cameras for premium, AI-driven video experiences in all your meeting spaces, now with new, accessible pricing (all in USD).

Large and extra-large spaces:

  • Huddly Crew add-on camera: $2,690 MSRP

Medium and large spaces:

Small and medium spaces:

Small spaces and huddle rooms:

Whiteboard collaboration:

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